AliDropship vs Oberlo

AliDropship vs Oberlo– Which is the Better Dropshipping Platform in 2021?

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Dropshipping is a very profitable and cost-effective business model that many entrepreneurs are leveraging to push their online businesses to new levels. Dropshipping is essentially selling products without having stock on hand.

You simply find a supplier who can provide you with the products you want to sell, create an online store or Shopify store, and list the products for sale. When a customer places an order, you simply contact the supplier and have them ship the product directly to the customer’s location.

Dropshipping has many benefits including low overhead costs, very little risk involved, and it’s an excellent way to get started in ecommerce. However, when it comes to choosing a dropshipping platform, you have a few different choices.

Two of the top solutions for choosing a dropshipping platform are AliDropship and Oberlo. Both are excellent solutions for entrepreneurs looking to start a dropshipping business. In this AliDropship vs Oberlo comparison, we will find out which one is best for you?

What is AliDropship?

AliDropship is an AliExpress dropshipping plugin that was created by AliExpress experts. It offers a wide range of features, including the ability to automatically import products from AliExpress, create automatic orders, manage and monitor orders, manage your AliExpress suppliers.

alidropship vs oberlo

AliDropship is a great option for entrepreneurs looking to start building their own online store without the overhead costs that come with owning stock. AliDropship is also a great solution for experienced business owners looking to automate their AliExpress dropshipping process.

AliDropship has an excellent AliExpress integration and is one of the most automated AliDropship options on the market. AliDropship is super easy to use, and it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, making it a great choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for a complete AliExpress dropshipping solution.

Features of AliDropship

Some features of AliDropship are as follows:

  • Automatic AliExpress imports – AliDropship can automatically import AliExpress products to your Shopify store. These products are imported every few hours, so you always have the latest AliExpress products to sell.
  • Create automatic orders – AliDropship can automatically create orders for your AliExpress products every few hours. AliDropship does this by communicating with your AliExpress supplier to see if there are any orders that need to be fulfilled.
  • Order management – AliDropship’s order management system makes it easy to keep track of your AliExpress orders. AliDropship’s order management system also makes it easy to manage your AliExpress suppliers.
  • AliExpress supplier management – AliDropship makes it easy to manage AliExpress suppliers. AliDropship’s supplier management system helps entrepreneurs stay on top of communication with AliExpress suppliers. AliDropship also makes it easy to find AliExpress products and AliExpress suppliers that you want to work with in the future.
  • Automatic order fulfillment – AliDropship can automatically fulfill AliExpress orders for you. AliDropship will work with your AliExpress supplier to ensure that AliExpress orders are fulfilled on time. AliDropship will also create AliExpress order tracking numbers automatically for you, too. AliDropship can even email AliExpress customers for you, letting them know that their AliExpress order has been fulfilled.

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a solution for entrepreneurs looking to start dropshipping from AliExpress. It’s a simple solution that is perfect for beginners just getting started in the world of ecommerce.

Oberlo Homepage

Oberlo offers a range of features, including the ability to easily add products from AliExpress, receive product dropshipping orders automatically, and manage your AliExpress supplier accounts.

Oberlo is a good option for entrepreneurs just starting out with ecommerce and AliExpress dropshipping. Oberlo also offers a wide range of features for entrepreneurs looking to automate their dropshipping business. Oberlo also integrates well with Shopify, making it easy to manage your products and orders.

Features of Oberlo

Some features of Oberlo are as follows:

  • Automatic product import – Oberlo can automatically import products from AliExpress into your Shopify store. This feature is particularly useful for entrepreneurs who are just getting started with Oberlo.
  • Manage your AliExpress suppliers – Oberlo makes it easy to manage your AliExpress suppliers. This feature of Oberlo allows you to easily communicate with your AliExpress suppliers, get updates from them about new products, and more.
  • Receive dropshipping orders automatically – Oberlo can automatically receive dropshipping orders from AliExpress and place them in your Shopify store. This feature makes it easy to automate your dropshipping process.
  • Manage product listings – Oberlo lets you manage your product listings directly from the Oberlo dashboard. You can create new listings, change listings, and more without having to leave the Oberlo dashboard.
  • Email AliExpress customers – Oberlo lets you email your AliExpress customers when their products are fulfilled. You can also send emails to inform AliExpress customers when their orders have been shipped.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo : Getting Started

AliDropship Getting Started

When you first sign up for AliDropship, you will be prompted to create an account. You will then be asked to input your store’s name and URL.

After creating an account, you will be taken to the AliDropship dashboard. The AliDropship dashboard is where you will manage your AliExpress orders and suppliers. You will also be able to find new AliExpress products and suppliers here.

Depending on the plan you selected, AliDropship will set up your store. It’s simple with the custom store ordering: just pay and relax while a web shop is built for you.

AliDropship WordPress install

If you want to use AliDropship for a WordPress site, you must first download and install the plugin from their website. The AliDropship Woo plugin is installed in the same manner as the AliDropship plugin, except that it is used with WooCommerce instead of WordPress.

After you’ve installed the plugin, go to Settings > AliDropship and input your license key. The plugin will be enabled as a result.

Oberlo Getting Started

Oberlo may be integrated with Shopify and, as the first step, you must create an account on Shopify. You may add the Oberlo app to your Shopify store after you’ve created the Shopify shop. Search for Oberlo in this case, or go straight to Oberlo ‑ Dropshipping App on Shopify.

Oberlo-‑-Dropshipping App

Click the button Add app to add Oberlo app to your shop. On the next page, click Install app to install the software on your store.

Authorize Oberlo Shopify.

To access your Oberlo drop shipping account, you’ll be taken to the Oberlo drop shipping dashboard. You may use this page to find the products you wish to sell in your Shopify store.

Oberlo Search Products

AliDropship vs. Oberlo : Product sourcing

AliDropship Product sourcing

AliDropship offers a wide range of products to source from. AliExpress offers over 100 million products to choose from, and AliDropship has hand-selected the best of the best products.

AliDropship Product sourcing

You can use the AliDropship product filter to find products that meet your criteria. For example, you can filter for “highest-selling” products which are receiving the most orders daily. You can also search for products that have a high average sale price.

Oberlo Product Sourcing

The great thing about Oberlo is that it can help you find new products to sell. You can search for products based on the categories they belong to, like Electronics or Home & Garden. From there, you can select the tags to narrow your search.

Oberlo Search products

Oberlo also lets you find trending products based on Google Trends data, which is very convenient. You can use the latest product trends to sell products that are likely to be popular with your target audience.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo : Importing products

AliDropship Importing products

When you find a product that you want to sell on your store, you can add it to your “import list.” This list is a collection of products that you want to add to your store.

Import Products from AliDropship

AliDropship will then import the product details, including the product images, description, and price. To finish your import, you must arrange the product images in the correct order.

You can also use AliDropship to duplicate products. This is useful if you want to sell a product that is already on AliExpress. Simply find the product on AliExpress and add it to your import list. AliDropship will duplicate the product and import all the details automatically.

Oberlo Importing products

To import a product, you must first search for the product on Oberlo’s marketplace. When you hover over a product in the Oberlo dashboard, click the button that says Add to import list that appears.

Oberlo - Import List

Navigate to Import List from the left side menu, and then click on the button Import to store for a specific store to import items in Shopify. Oberlo will automatically import all the product details, including the images. You’ll then need to arrange the images in the correct order.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo : Order Fulfillment

AliDropship Order Fulfillment

AliDropship will automatically fulfill your orders for you. This means that AliDropship will order the products from AliExpress and ship them directly to your customers. You don’t need to worry about any of the logistics involved in order fulfillment.

AliDropship also offers order tracking. This means that you can track the status of your orders and see when they have been shipped. You can then use this information to update your customers.

Oberlo Order Fulfillment

Oberlo lets you choose how you want to fulfill your orders. You can either have Oberlo fulfill your orders for you, or you can fulfill them yourself. Oberlo will automatically order the products from AliExpress and ship them to your customers.

Oberlo also adds real-time order tracking, as well as price and order status updates that are automatically sent to your store and the stock status.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo: Shipping Options

AliDropship Shipping Options

AliDropship offers a few different shipping options for entrepreneurs. You can choose to have products shipped directly to your customers from the supplier, or you can have AliDropship ship the products for you.

AliDropship Shipping Options

If you choose to have AliDropship ship the products for you, they will charge a flat fee per order plus the cost of shipping. The AliDropship plugin provides four shipping choices: free delivery, super savings shipping, standard shipping, and expedited delivery.

Oberlo Shipping Options

Oberlo offers a few different shipping options as well. If you choose the shipping method to be “default,” Oberlo will assist you in selecting the best shipping option for a product and customer.

Oberlo Shipping Options

If you choose to have Oberlo ship the products for you, they will charge a commission on each order plus the cost of shipping. Oberlo offers four shipment choices: ePacket, Free Shipping, Super Savings Shipping, Standard Shipping, and Expedited Shipping.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo: Analytics

AliDropship Analytics

AliDropship offers several analytics tools which are all accessible in the platform.

  • Sales Analytics: This tool shows you the total revenue you have received, how many customers you have, and how much your average order is worth.
  • Customer Analytics: This tool displays information about the people who are visiting your store including customer traffic, leads generated, average order value, and conversion rates.
  • Product Analytics: This tool lets you see how well your products are performing including data on impressions, clicks, conversion rates, and average order value.
  • Order History: With this tool, you can view all the orders that have been placed in your store, see the customer’s contact information, and reprint invoices.

Oberlo Analytics

Oberlo also offers a few different analytics tools, which are all accessible in the platform.

  • Sales Overview: This report provides an overview of your sales, including total sales, number of products sold, and average order value.
  • Product Performance: This report shows how well your products are selling, including data on impressions, clicks, conversion rates, and average order value.
  • Order History: This report displays all the orders that have been placed in your store, including the customer’s contact information and the product(s) they ordered.
  • Shopify Dashboard: This report contains data on your store’s traffic, conversion rates, sales, and more.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo: Customer support

AliDropship customer support

If you need help with AliDropship, you can contact them via email or chat. You can also get in touch using the support ticket system. AliDropship has a very responsive customer support team, and they will be happy to help you with any issue you might have.

AliDropship customer support

Alidropship also provides knowledgebase articles and video tutorials to help you get the most out of their software. Apart from this, they also provide many helpful guides for dropshipping businesses.

Oberlo customer support

If you ever need help with an Oberlo problem, you can get in touch via email, live chat, or support ticket. The Oberlo team is very responsive and will get back to you quickly.

Oberlo customer support

Oberlo also has a blog that is packed with helpful articles and tutorials. Oberlo also has tons of courses on dropshipping and ecommerce that can teach you a lot about the industry.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo: Pricing

AliDropship Pricing

The price of AliDropship plugin is only $89 one time. You may also build a custom store for a one-time payment of $299 or more. The following are the pricing plans for a customized store:

AliDropship Pricing
  • Basic Plan – $299 – 50 products ready to sell, Unlimited Products, Unlimited Orders
  • Advanced Plan – $499 – 100 products ready to sell, Unlimited Products, Unlimited Orders
  • Ultimate Plan – $899 – 200 products ready to sell, Unlimited Products, Unlimited Orders

Additionally, you can also add on Sellvia for $39 / month and Hosting with free SSL for $48/ year.

Oberlo Pricing

Oberlo offers three tiers of pricing plans as follows:

Oberlo pricing plans
  • ExplorerFREE, up to 500 products, all basic features and access to two courses in the learning school.
  • Grad – $7.90 per month, up to 500 products, all basic features and access to all courses in the learning school.
  • Boss – $29.90 per month, up to 30,000 products, all features and access to two courses in the learning school.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo: Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know the basics of AliDropship and Oberlo, you may be wondering which tool is better for your business. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide:

How much does each tool cost?

AliDropship has a one-time fee of $89, while Oberlo offer free plan and their paid plan starts from $7.90 per month.

Do I have to set up a store first?

Both tools allow you to create an account directly on their respective websites, Oberlo also has an app that you can use to import products from AliExpress into your Shopify store.

How many products can I import?

There is no limit to the number of products you can import with either tool. However, if you’re importing products from AliExpress, keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of products you can add from a single supplier every day.

Can I import all products?

No, with either tool, you are limited to importing specific categories of products that are appropriate for your niche or target market. Oberlo has pre-set filters, while AliDropship gives you more control over the product selection process.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, both tools allow you to use your own domain name instead of a sub-domain from their respective websites. To do so, you will need your own account with Shopify or WordPress hosting, which can be set up independently by following the steps in this article.

Can I track product sales?

Yes, with both tools, you can view sales reports of products imported from AliExpress directly in your Oberlo dashboard or Shopify store’s admin panel.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo: Which Is the Best Option for You?

The best option for you will depend on your experience and the type of products you intend to sell. For example, if you want to start selling dropshipped products and don’t already have a website, then AliDropship is the best option for you.

If you’re looking for a more advanced platform that allows quick product entry and enables social sharing, then Oberlo is probably the best option for you. Oberlo is a great platform for those who want to keep their costs low and have the time and resources to manage their own business online.

AliDropship, on the other hand, is best for those who want a more hands-off approach and are willing to pay a bit more for the convenience. With AliDropship, you can simply import products from AliExpress and have a fully functioning store without any of the hassle.

Whichever platform you choose, be sure to do your research and make sure that it meets your specific needs.

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