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AliShark Review 2021 – Best Product Research Tool For AliExpress

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If you are into dropshipping business, you must know how important it is to select the right products to sell to get success in dropshipping. Doing product research before starting an online business is crucial for any ecommerce business model, especially dropshipping.

The right way to do dropshipping is by using a product research tools, as doing it manually requires a lot of time. A product research tool provides you estimated data and projected sales value for any product to help you make an informed decision. There are many good such tools are available to help you find the winning product for your store.

One such tool is AliShark that allows you to find winning dropshipping products by spying on other successful dropshipping stores. So in this AliShark review, we will find out what they do offer, how they compare with similar tools and if it is worth your money or not?

AliShark Review: Overview

AliShark is a cloud-based product research tool for dropshipping businesses that provides a list of hot selling products with a statistical breakdown of the performance of each product. AliShark is a spy tool that evaluates the data of AliExpress products and provides dropshippers the winning products to sell on their dropshipping store.

AliShark review

AliShark was created by the creator of popular Shopify app Hurify, Yousef Khalidi, who is an expert in dropshipping business. Today, AliShark is a highly popular dropshipping product research tool, that allow dropshippers to find winning products based on analytical data such as sales history, sales trend, prices, order volumes, ratings and social signals.

AliShark has curated database of more than four million best-selling AliExpress products that is update every few hours giving you the real-time analytics data such as recent sales volume, overall sales volume and wishlist counts, sales history, top-selling countries and competitor analysis. It provides various advanced filters to find the highly popular, hot-selling products with huge profit margins and enables you to import it to your Shopify store in one-click.

AliShark Review: Features

AliShark helps you find best-selling winning dropshipping products for your Shopify store from AliExpress based on various product metrics. So, instead of browsing AliExpress website for hours and guessing the product to sell on your store, you can use the analytical it provides to find the winning product for your store.

Let’s review all the features of AliShark and find out if it’s worth the money or not.

Product Database

When you first logged into the admin dashboard of the AliShark, you will see the database of the best-selling products from the sources AliExpress and Banggood sorted on rows as shown below.

AliShark main interface

Each product row contains the image of the product, product rating, price, product name and some data such as total number of orders for today, total number of orders, added to wishlist today and total added to wishlist till date. It also displays the colorful cards for product source, dropshipped, video and ePacket/AliStd. These cards specify the following:

  • Source – The source card specify if the product source is AliExpress or Banggood.
  • PayPal – This specifies that the seller of the product accepts PayPal payments.
  • Video – This card specifies that this product has a video on its AliExpress listing page.
  • Dropshipped – This card specifies that this product is being sold multiple times by the same seller.
  • ePacket/AliStd – This card specifies that the product can be shipped via ePacket or Ali Standard.

AliShark allows you to sort and filter the product database using many advanced parameters. The top of the product list has some search and sort options, as shown below:

AliShark search options

The AliShark search options contains the text box on the top to enter the search term to search for the desired products. You also have option on the left to either include the search term or exclude the search term while searching for the products. On the right side of the search box, you can see the carousal of the number of new products added today, this week and all time.

The second row contains the buttons to narrow down the search results by Filters Presets, that are provided in the left menu of the main interface, we will discuss that in detail later on or by any saved custom preset. If you have just started using AliShark, there will be no custom preset except All Products.

On the right side, you can filter the products discovered by date range, such as today, yesterday, 2 days, 3 days, 30 days etc. The last option allows you to sort the product search results by few parameters such as orders, growth, wishlist and price in both ascending or descending order. The last row contains the buttons to switch the product view between grid view or list view.

Advanced Product Filters

AliShark provides you some powerful advanced filters to narrow down the product list and find the desired winning products for your dropshipping store.

AliShark advanced filters

These filters are as follows:

  • Sources – You can choose the product source of the products, either AliExpress or Banggood.
  • Categories – You can select the categories you want to search from this filter. You can even select all categories or none by clicking All or None toggle switch on the top.
  • Niches – You can select the product niches you want to search from this filter. You can even select all categories or none by clicking All or None toggle switch on the top.
  • Top Countries – You can select the products mostly sold in the countries you want to search from this filter. You can even select all categories or none by clicking All or None toggle switch on the top.
  • Shipping – You can select the type of shipping available for the product, either ePacket or Ali Standard.
  • Ships from – You can select this option to show products that are shipped/ supplied from selected countries.
  • Price – You can set the minimum and maximum price range of the products from the Price field.
  • Total orders number – You can set the minimum and maximum number of total orders of the products from this field.
  • Period Orders – You can set the minimum and maximum number of total orders in selected date range of the products from this field.
  • Daily Orders – You can set the minimum and maximum number of total daily orders of the products from this field.
  • Votes – You can set the minimum and maximum number of user ratings for the products from this field.
  • Wishlist – You can set the minimum and maximum number of wishlist saved for the products from this field.
  • Old by Weeks – You can use this slider to filter the products by how old the product was added.

Apart from these powerful filters, AliShark also provides you 4 premade filters: With a video, Dropshipped, Accepts PayPal and Saved Only.

  • With a video – AliShark will only show the products with video in their AliExpress product page.
  • Dropshipped – AliShark will only show the products that have multiple orders by same seller. It means this product is being dropshipped.
  • Accepts PayPal – AliShark will only show the products that accepts PayPal payments.
  • Saved Only – AliShark will only show the products that you have saved.

Product Details

Clicking on any product in the search result will open a popup window with tons of data about that specific product.

AliShark product details

It contains the scrolling images of the product in the left with an icon for the video in the top-left of the image and an icon to add the product to the wishlist on the top-right over the image. The first information on the right side is niche details, followed by the product name. It also has various colorful cards as discussed earlier such as PayPal, dropshipped, video and ePacket/AliStd.

Below the product name, you get the product price and the number of votes for the product pulled form AliExpress website. Also, there is a total number of orders till date and total count for Add to wishlist again fetched from AliExpress.

There are four buttons to perform different tasks in the next section, These buttons are as follows:

  • Show on AliExpress – Clicking this button will navigate you to the AliExpress product page of the same product, where you can get additional information about the product.
  • Generate Video – Clicking this button will lead you to the product video generator page of the AliShark, which is a great tool to create video ads for the product and promote your product on social media platforms.
  • Add to your Shopify – Clicking this button will open a popup window, which allow you to add this product to your Shopify store.
  • Show more like this – You can click this button to view similar products in a new window to review the pricing, rating and other features of similar products to find the winning product for your dropshipping store.

There is also a quick view table with data for the number of sales for today, yesterday, 3 days, week and month, you can use this data to analyze the sales trend of the product. The dates when the product was added to Aliexpress as well as AliShark is also mentioned in the same section.

AliShark quick view

The next section displays the top countries and top dropshippers buying this product from AliExpress, along with the number of sales.

AliShark top countries

When you scroll down the same page, you can view the product performance chart, which is the graphical chart for the day-wise number of orders for the product in last 30 days. You can also view the chart for day-wise wishlist saved by selecting the wishlist radio button.

AliShark product performance

The last section displays the all-time sales data chart, which is the monthly sales volume of the product for the last two years time. You can use this data to check the trends of the products over last two years to decide to sell or not to sell this product in your online store, and also to decide the best time to promote the product with ads.

AliShark all time sales data

So, we can see that AliShark provides tins of data for any product to let you decide if the product is a winning product for your store or not.

Products Video Generator

AliShark has recently launched a new tool Product Video Generator, which is great for creating video ads for promoting your products on social media platforms. To create a video for any product, click on the button Generate video on the product details page and you will be navigated to the product video generator page in a new tab.

AliShark Products Video Generator

On the top of the page, there is a text box where you can enter any AliExpress product URL to fetch the images to use for creating the video. Next, in the left section there are options to create the product video such as images, music, text options etc.

You can select the images for the available images for the product fetched from AliExpress or even add new image from your computer by clicking the big blue plus button. The order in which you will select the images will be ordered for the ads, and numbers will be shown on the image thumbnails.

The next option is to add the free music to the video. There are various free musics available to choose from, and you can also play the music to test it before selecting it for the video. The next are some text options such as Top Banner Text, Bottom Banner Text, Ending Screen Text and your brand name option that you can add in the video.

There are also some advanced option such as Time between images in seconds and option to show logo in the video. You can even change the default AliShark logo with your own brand logo by uploading of form your computer. Once you have filled all the options, you can click on the Generate button to create the video and download it to your computer for promoting it on your social media platforms.

Add Product to your Shopify Store

While browsing the best-selling product in AliShark search engine, if you like any product and want to sell in your Shopify dropshipping store, you can do it easily with few clicks from product details page. To add a product to your Shopify store, click on the button Add to your Shopify on the product details page of that particular product.

AliShark add to Shopify

This will open a popup window to ask your Shopify store details. Enter your Shopify store URL in the text box provided and click on the button Add store. This will lead you to your Shopify admin dashboard and will ask your permission to install AliShark research app to your Shopify store.

Install AliShark app

Give your consent by clicking the button Install app to install and connect the AliShark app to your Shopify store. Once it is completed, you will be navigated back to AliShark, and now when you view any product detail and click on the button Add to your Shopify , you will sell your connect store in the list as shown below.

AliShark connected store

To add the product to your store, you just need to click on the store name now and the product will be added automatically with all the product description, images and other detail copied to your store, and you will be displayed a success message as below.

AliShark product added to store

You can also remove the added store from AliShark by clicking the red Remove button, or connect a new Shopify store to AliShark by following the same method.

AliShark Review: Pricing

AliShark offer a 2-day trial only for $1 so that you can test their product research tools and all its features and if you don’t like it you can cancel it within 2 days. They offer their subscription plan at $20 per month after the trial period is over. Currently, they don’t have any annual plan.

AliShark pricing

Their paid plan offers unlimited number of product searches, access to all analytical data and future updates as well.

AliShark Review: Customer Support

AliShark provides fair customer support and allows you to contact them via email, live chat and through social media platforms. They offer 24/7 live chat support and usually solves your ticket in a couple of hours, if they aren’t online.

Their founder Yousef Khalidi has a YouTube channel where he offers great tutorials on dropshipping and ecommerce that you can follow to gain knowledge about dropshipping business.

AliShark Review : Alternatives

AliShark is a great product research tool for your dropshipping store, but there are some other tools also that are as good. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Ecomhunt – It is one of the most popular product research tools in the market. It provides the best collection of new dropshipping items and are updated every day. Just like Sell The Trend, each product comes with many details such as description, recommended selling price, saturation degree, Facebook ads, and Instagram influencers.
  • Sell The TrendSell The Trend is a popular and relatively new product research tool that has recently lunched in the market. It helps you find the hot products to sell online, driven by the data. You can also import the products directly to your Shopify or WooCommerce store and also lets you fulfill orders with one click from AliExpress. Sell The Trend offers a very straightforward pricing model. The price of the platform is $39.97 / month when paid monthly and $32.97 / month when paid annually.
  • Niche ScraperNiche Scraper is a cloud-based product research tool that helps you in finding the winning products to sell on your dropshipping store. It is a research-based tool that you can use to spy on other Shopify store and AliExpress to find the current trending highly profitable products. Niche Scraper offers two pricing plans – Free and Pro plat at $49.95 / Month.
  • Sale Source – This tool helps you to research unsaturated products, find top dropshipping suppliers, and discover competitor’s ads. A unique feature it offers is that it allows you to find apps a Shopify store uses, their best products, recently added products, and estimated sales. They also offer a Chrome extension to quickly analyze various products from AliExpress.

AliShark Review : Conclusion

AliShark is definitely one of the best AliExpress product research tool you’ll find online, $1 for 2 days and then only $20 per month make it one of the most economical tools as well. You can use this tool to find winning products for your dropshipping store, aided with real-time analytical data from AliExpress.

If you are looking to start a dropshipping business, then you can give it a try by utilizing the benefits of its 2-days trial and then proceed to paid plans. I hope you will find this review useful and will help you to decide whether AliShark help you fulfill your need or not.

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