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AMZAlert Review 2021 – Best Amazon Listing Protection Tool

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Whether you are an experienced Amazon FBA seller or a newbie, you must have discovered both benefits and dangers of doing business on the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace. You not only have to compete with other millions of sellers on Amazon, but also with hijackers and piggy backers who try to take advantage of your products from your seller account.

Not only that, there are many customers who give unnecessary negative reviews as well as a negative comment to spoil the reputation of you as a seller. This makes other customers doubtful about buying products from you, and you get less sales and revenue.

To overcome this problem, you need a software or application that gives you all-around protection with instant notification on SMS and email. AMZAlert is one of the best Amazon tracker tool available in the market to protect your Amazon listing from hackers and piggy backers. 

It helps Amazon seller by sending alert notifications whenever the Amazon sellers list their products and alerts you when it detects negative reviews, title changes, category changes, hijackers, product suppression, and more. In this AMZAlert review, we will find out what they do offer, how they compare with similar tools and if it is worth your money or not?

AMZAlert Review: Overview

AMZAlert is a tracking software that monitors seller’s Amazon listings, and automatically sends alerts by SMS or email when it detects hijackers, product suppression, negative reviews, title changes, category changes etc.

AMZAlert Review

It is an Amazon seller software that offers 24-hour Amazon store surveillance and the moment it detects a sudden spike in negative activity, an undesirable change to your listing, or a product suppression, AMZAlert sends you an instant notification, so you can take immediate action to stop loosing your sales and rankings.

AMZAlert Amazon monitoring software features include instant notifications of unpredictable actions such as price changes, negative reviews, hijackers, product suppression, changes in star ratings, and more.

Some features of AMZAlert are as follows:

  • Automatic Cease and Desist Letters – To prevent Amazon listing hijacking, AMZAlert provides cease and desist restoration for its users. When someone takes over your authentic listing with a counterfeit or a fake item, this software will alarm you via email or test messages. You can then send a custom cease and desist letter, or you can use the template provided by the software. You can allow AMZAlert to automatically send a cease and desist letter once it detects hijacking.
  • Deleted and Negative Review Monitoring – AMZAlert notifies you whenever a negative reviews are posted on your product listing on Amazon so that you can immediately take necessary action. It also informs you whenever any review on your product listing is deleted.
  • Keyword Ranking Change Alerts – You can also keep track of your top keywords rankings using AMZAlert. You can track the top three keywords for your or competitors products. You will be immediately notified if there are any changes in the ranking of your products for these keywords.
  • Product Title Changes Alerts – Hijackers on Amazon try to change the title of your products, so you lose rankings. Also, these title changes are not notified by Amazon, leading to lose rankings and sales. AMZAlert monitors your product listing and notifies you of any changes in your product title so that you can revert it back and get back your rankings.
  • Product Suppression Alerts – Amazon may suppress your listing, if it has incomplete or missing required data and doesn’t even notify you. AMZAlert automatically detects product suppression and notifies you through a text message or an e-mail. Then you can immediately take necessary actions to make your listing active again to start making sales.
  • Product Price Alerts – Keeping track of your product price changes and your competitor’s is necessary to make sales and get profit margins. AMZAlert monitors the pricing of for your competitor or your products. Whenever a price change is detected, it will automatically notify you through a text alert you or through an e-mail notification so that you can strategize your pricing.
  • Piggyback Alerts – Piggy backers steal your buybox position with the exact same product, images, and information, leading to customers purchasing a counterfeit product. AMZAlert monitors your product listing round the clock and will immediately notify you of hijackers so that you can take immediate action and regain your position.

AMZAlert Review: Features

AMZAlert is a complete listing security package for Amazon sellers that offers various monitoring and advance features such as product listing alerts, reviews alerts, sales & marketing alerts and automation alerts. Let’s review all the features of AMZAlert and find out if it’s worth the money or not.

Amazon Product Listing Alerts

AMZAlert monitors your product listing and provides automatic alert to you via SMS or email if any suspicious activity is detected such as product tile changes, product image changes, product category changes, product bullet point changes, product description changes or if your product is marked as an add-on item.

AMZAlert dashboard

Watching and managing your Amazon store is quite consuming and difficult task, especially if you have numerous products on Amazon. If you have large numbers of ASINs on Amazon, then you definitely need a software like AMZAlert, which helps you in managing and watching your product listing.

AMZAlert keeps a watch on your product listings and sends you an alert every 15 minutes of any suspicious activity. It’s a great feature as Amazon buyers needs correct product titles, images and categories to find what they are looking for. Amazon hijackers, piggy backers and scammers are always looking for ways to change this information on successful product listings.

In fact, you might not know a change has been made unless you’re actively checking your Amazon product listing. Manually monitoring your Amazon products is not only time-consuming, but also it’s impossible to keep tabs on them 24/7. This can cost you sales loss as well as your brand image.

AMZAlert product alert

Instant notification for AMZAlert gives you peace of mind and the ability to quickly regain control of your store. These alerts can also be fully customized as per your requirements, and you can even turn them off for low-risk listings. You can also control who on your team receives which alerts, which can help you streamline things.  

Amazon Review Alerts

Reviews are important for your Amazon business, as good reviews and star ratings helps you win the buy box, which is crucial for driving more sales and revenue. Also, customers rely on reviews and ratings to check the quality of product and companies reputation before they decide to buy any product.

So having a good reviews and keeping check on bad reviews is essential for successful Amazon business. AMZAlert Amazon review alert allows you to keep track of new reviews, comments and star rating changes for your product listing. AMZAlert will instantly notify you via email or SMS whenever a negative review is posted, star rating changes or a review gets remove for your Amazon product listing.

AMZAlert Amazon Review Alerts

Sometimes you may notice that your product star ratings change even though you haven’t received any new reviews, as Amazon periodically deletes reviews. It is up to Amazon’s algorithms to decide which reviews to remove, but it is certain that it can affect your star ratings for better or for worse. AMZAlert Amazon review alert can help you monitor your positive and negative star ratings by instantly notify you via email or SMS any time one of them changes.

These alerts are very useful as when a negative review is marked as helpful by other users, you can create an automatic comment responses for negative reviews. This increases your brand credibility, as Amazon customers looks to buy from the stores that respond to customer concerns.

Amazon Sales/Marketing Alerts

AMZAlert provides 24/7 monitoring of your product listings and provides you instant alerts for various sales and marketing related issues such as product suppression or takedown, losing and gaining of buy boxes due to hijackers, new seller on your listing, change in Bestseller ranks, if your product is flagged with ‘Adult etc.

AMZAlert marketing Alert

If your product listings are incomplete or missing required data, Amazon will suppress your listing until it is fixed. Amazon will delist your products and your products will not be visible to your potential customers. This will lead to sales and revenue loss to your business, and even Amazon doesn’t alert you when a product gets suppressed.

Manually monitoring all of your listings can be a tedious task. This is where AMZAlert Amazon Sales/Marketing Alerts comes to your rescue and let you know immediately if a product is suppressed. Having a suppressed listing means missing out on potential sales, So immediately after the alert, you should investigate the problem quickly and get back to selling.

Sometimes Amazon hijackers steal the buybox position from you, with the exact same product, images, and information. Customers may end up purchasing a counterfeit product, and you could be losing and missing out on a significant number of sales. AMZAlert monitors your product listing round the clock and will immediately notify you of hijackers. This way, the sooner you are aware of a hijacker, the sooner you can recover your position.

Apart from this, AMZAlert also provides you various other alerts such as loosing/gaining buybox alert, bestseller badge changes, bestseller rank changes, product keyword ranking changes, product flagged as adult, stock/inventory alerts etc.

Business Automation

AMZAlert includes various automated tasks like sending an automated message with cease/desist (C/D) message to hijackers as well as piggy backers. It also allows you to send automatic comments to any negative reviews instantly. You can write your response template and whenever a negative review is posted on your product, AMZAlert will automatically post a reply to that comment with your custom template.

AMZAlert also allows you to assign different tasks to different people in your team and assign a specific alert to a particular individual in your team.

AMZAlert Review : Pricing

AMZAlert pricing is based on the number of products you sell on Amazon. So the pricing of AMZAlert is decided by the number of products you want to monitor.

AMZAlert pricing

For up to 25 ASINs the price is $25 / month, From 26 to 50 ASINs the price is $40 / month, from 51 to 75 ASINs the price is $60 month and from 76 to 100 ASINs the price is $75 / month. AMZAlert also provides a 10-day free trial with no credit card required and no need to link your Amazon account, that you can use to test its feature before subscribing to paid plans.

AMZAlert Review: Customer Support

AMZAlert is an easy-to-use tool that can save your many hours every week. AMZAlert also provides you various resources to use its tool and to get you to succeed on Amazon. If you still require any help, you can contact them via their contact page or on their social media pages. Their customer care staff is friendly and knowledgeable but are often slow to answer your queries.

AMZAlert Review : Conclusion

We have reviewed all the features of AMZAlert and its does exactly what it mentions on their website with simple and easy to use user-interface. With its revised pricing plans, it has become even more affordable for Amazon sellers. If you are new to Amazon business, I highly recomment using this tool.

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