How to Manage Product Attributes and Features

PrestaShop product attributes

Product Attributes Product attributes are are used for “combinations” in PrestaShop. You can create combinations of a product if at least one of its attributes changes. You can think attributes as properties of products that changes with different variations, while still keeping the same product name and price. For example a product can have different … Read more

How to Manage Categories in PrestaShop

PrestaSho Categories

Categories in PrestaShop helps in organizing your products in a better way. This also enables your users to browse your products easily by separating them in groups. PrestaShop provides an easy to use interface to manage your categories. To follow this tutorial, you must have PrestaShop installed in your server. To learn installing PrestaShop see … Read more

How to Manage Products in PrestaShop

PrestaShop managing products

The heart of a PrestaShop store is its catalog, which contains products and categories. Creating and optimizing your catalog is the main way you will make your website live in the eyes of the customer. After creating and optimizing catalog only your shop becomes a reality, creating content, and thus giving value to your online … Read more

Most Important Things To Do After Installing PrestaShop

After Installing PrestaShop

Either you have installed PrestaShop through your hosting auto-installer or installing manually, you must be excited to proceed further.  In this tutorial, I will show you some basic actions you should perform just after installing PrestaShop. A lot can be done before you launch your shop, but these are the most important steps of any … Read more

How to Install PrestaShop Manually

Install PrestaShop

PrestaShop is one of the most popular shopping cart and it allows you to setup your online store in minutes . Many internet hosting provider offer 1-click PrestaShop installation to automatically install PrestaShop for you. However, in this tutorial I will guide you how to install PrestaShop manually on your hosting server. To learn more … Read more