Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper

Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper – Best Product Research Tool in 2022?

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Competition in the dropshipping business is fierce, and with stiff competition means you need to be able to find the best products before your competitors do. The selection of products you offer is the key to making the most of your drop shipping e-commerce business.

Ecomhunt and Niche Scraper are both excellent product research tools that will help you find the best ecommerce niches and products before your competitors do. Both products research tool will help you find trending niches and products using filters, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

To help eliminate some confusion between two popular options, we’re going to go over Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper. This should help you determine which one is right for your dropshipping business.

Ecomhunt is a product discovery tool that ecommerce businesses may use to discover hot new products to sell on their dropshipping store.

Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper

Ecomhunt makes product research quicker, easier, and more accurate by grouping ecommerce platforms into one list that ecommerce firms may use to discover items with potential high sales.

Ecomhunt allows you to gain access to comprehensive product information and provides useful details about them, such as:

  • Product description with images
  • Profit margin and cost information
  • Analytics
  • Engagement details from social media
  • Links to stores selling the products
  • Facebook ads data and real-life examples
  • Product videos
  • Targeting tools and ideas
  • Reviews from buyers

Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper: Niche Scraper Overview

Niche Scraper is a cloud-based product research tool that can help you find the best products to sell on your dropshipping business. It’s a research-based software that allows you to spy on other Shopify stores and AliExpress to discover up-and-coming, very profitable goods.

Niche Scraper Review

It allows you to look at AliExpress product listings, recent purchases, total orders, Ali Score, growth rate, and competition for any specific goods to help you decide if they’re a winning product for your business.

It also allows you to spy on other Shopify dropshipping store to find their best-selling products, estimated monthly traffic and revenue, and recently added products. You can also copy any products from other Shopify store to your store with a click of a button.

Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper: Ecomhunt Features

Product Discovery

Ecomhunt delivers a curated selection of the greatest dropshipping products, hand-picked by Ecomhunt’s staff of specialists. To assist you discover the greatest goods, Ecomhunt utilizes data from several ecommerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Etsy.

Ecomhunt Classic

On average, the tool adds two new winning products each day. If you use the free edition, though, you’ll have to wait three days before seeing new products.

Ecomhunt search results display various filters to allow you to discover items from the database. There are a number of filters such as category, offer type and range available to narrow down the product list.

The tool gives you many winning items, as well as some filters to help you narrow down the list. However, we believe it lacks in terms of providing more sophisticated filters such as price range, earnings, discovered dates, shipping options, the number of stores selling products, the number of Facebook likes & shares, and so on.

Ecomhunt will show you the product search results with various metrics so that you may evaluate the items after you’ve selected a filter and clicked the Search button.

Each product box has different product details, including pictures, names, Posted, and Available info icons. It also contains two buttons: one for viewing additional product data and the other for saving a product to Save For Later.

Product profit and Saturation Inspector

Ecomhunt provides you lost of data about a product to help you decide if a product is worth adding to your dropshipping store or not. For each product, their recommended price and the product cost and profit margin are displayed if you sell the item at their suggested price.

Ecomhunt profit and cost

They also display a saturation inspector graph with the estimated number of stores currently selling this product. It tells you how saturated the product is, if more stores are selling the same product, chances are less that you may outrank them in sales.

Ecomhunt profit analytics

Apart from this, they also display a profits and analytics section where it displays you the profit margin, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and your net profit margin for the product. This section also display a short summary of the stats of the AliExpress seller that they recommended.

The section also displays various product related links, such as AliExpress seller, Alibaba and Amazon product page, link to the Facebook Ad etc.

Facebook Ads

Ecomhunt provides access to Facebook advertising, so you may target the right audience to your business. It also gives free appetizing product videos to use in your store.

Ecomhunt Facebook ads

They provide a link to the Facebook Ad with the comments. You don’t have to go into the ad yourself, but you can still see current interaction statistics (such as how many likes) and comment history by going to your own Facebook Ad.

They also provide details about whom you should target on Facebook, such as age, gender, languages etc. They also show a YouTube video to give you an inspiration for your video ads.

Ecomhunt Live

You may discover the most recent dropshipping products that have been featured on Ecomhunt in the last 24 hours through the Ecomhunt Live feature. The data is refreshed to ensure it is always up-to-date.

Ecomhunt Live

If you click on any product, you’ll be able to access a lot more details.

ecomhunt live info

The tool monitors the product’s last three-month trend and shows AliExpress 30-day orders growth, sales movement, wish movement, consumer score, and top countries by interest and order. This data might help you decide whether a product is worth your time or not based on its performance in the last three months.

Ecomhunt Tracker

The Ecomhunt Tracker is a new tool that lets you keep track of AliExpress sales for any items.

Ecomhunt Tracker

Click the red “+” button in the right corner and paste your AliExpress product link into the text field to add a product to the tracker. Ecomhunt will start tracking data on the item and make it available for viewing in 24 hours.

You can monitor six important indicators: Sales Today, Yesterday, 7 Days, 30 Days, Wish 30 Days, and 7-Day Growth. You may review additional charts such as orders over time, wishes over time, growth over time, and reviews over time when you click on any product.

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension

Ecomhunt also has a Chrome plugin that cleans up your Facebook news feed to only display advertising. On your Facebook home page, you may quickly find advertisements for other dropshipping firms.

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension

To discover new winning items, you may use the Ecomhunt Chrome extension to check your rivals and show only active competitor advertising on your Facebook home feed in a single click.

Some features of Ecomhunt Chrome extension are as follows:

  • Show only sponsored posts – To view all ads running right now, filter your home feed.
  • Show only viral sponsored posts – To see the most viral advertisements presently running on Facebook, use the Viral Ads filter.
  • Shopify store inspector – With a single click, you can now reveal almost any Shopify best sellers, new goods, applications utilized, theme, Facebook advertising and much more.
  • AliExpress’s products tracker – Add any AliExpress item to Ecomhunt tracker with add to tracker button and see how popular it is, how much money it’s made, and more.

Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper: Niche Scraper Features

Niche Scraper’s Product Scrapper is the main tool for finding new products on AliExpress, and it aids in your search by providing information about recent orders, total orders, Ali Score, growth rate, and competition for any specific product.

Niche Scraper Shopify products

Niche Scraper also allows you to sort and filter the search results based on various criteria, such as category, weekly orders, price, and so on. You can sort the results by AliScore, competition, growth rate, and most recent orders as well.

Niche Scraper filter products

Niche scraper allows you to filter products based on a variety of criteria, including Competition Score, Growth Rate, AliScore, and Top Country. You may also filter goods by parameter Has Video so that only ones with supplier video are displayed.

You can use Shopify’s product scraper to research products from other Shopify dropshipping stores, much as you would on AliExpress. Navigate to the Product Scraper page’s Shopify Products tab to discover your next winning products for your business.

Shopify Product Search

You can see all recent orders, the total number of orders, price, Ali Score, growth rate, and competition for any product. It also shows where the product has a large sales volume.

You can also sort and filter the search results using various criteria such as Category, Business Type, Max Product Price, and Product Added. You may also sort the list by relevance or popularity of the store.

Niche Scraper Shopify products filter

The greatest feature of Shopify’s product search is that you may filter it by Business Type, which includes verified dropshipping items from AliExpress.

Hand Picked Products

The Niche Scraper team selects the best-selling products from top-performing Shopify. Every day, new products are added to this area, and each product comes with a wealth of information, such as product descriptions, selling price, cost price, profit margin, Facebook advertising targeting, and so on.

Niche Scraper hand picked

You may search for a product by entering a search term in the search text area. You can filter the results by selecting a category and ranking them according to Newest, Oldest, and Engagement core. When you click on the items, it displays additional information about them.

Niche Scraper hand picked info

You may check the product information and other details such as product description, selling price, cost price, profit margin etc. by using this tool. It also contains several connections such as AliExpress supplier, Amazon product link, Facebook ad, and a Store selling this item.

Niche Scraper hand-picked engagement

The platform also offers product engagement information like as number of links, comments, and engagement score. It also displays a graph of recent orders. Furthermore, it gives you the sample ad text and data for a Facebook advertisement.

Niche Scraper Facebook Ads

It also offers information like Country, Gender, Age Range, Audience Size, Interest, which you may use to design your Facebook ad targeting to increase conversions.

Store Analysis

Niche Scraper is a store analysis tool allows you to spy on the best-selling products of other successful Shopify stores to find the winning products for your store. They provide you with thousands of Shopify stores to spy on their best-selling items, Alexa rank, traffic, and more.

Niche Scraper Store Ananlysis

You may visit the Shopify shop by clicking on the link and then going to a new page. Alexa ranks for each search list, as well as the top four most popular items, with their picture and price displayed next to it.

You may also filter the search results for All Stores or Verified Dropshipping by Business Type. Only Shopify businesses selling dropshipping items will be displayed if you choose Verified Dropshipping. You can sort the results by Relevance and Store Popularity, among other things. To look for a certain Shopify store, type in that store URL.

Niche Scraper Store Ananlysis Filter

You can view the traffic and revenue for any business by going to the link Traffic & Revenue, which will open a page with the Store analysis on it, including estimated monthly traffic, average product price, projected monthly purchases, and projected monthly revenue.

Niche Scraper Store Ananlysis Details

You may check the Shopify dropshipping store’s Recently Added Products and Best-Selling Products. You may also copy any product to your Shopify store by clicking Copy Product, which appears when you mouse over the product picture.

Facebook Video Ad Generator

Niche Scraper is a Facebook video advertising tool that not only helps you discover the best products for your store, but it also aids in the promotion of those products by generating Facebook video advertisements.

Niche Scraper Facebook video ad generator

Niche Scraper provides a Facebook video ad creator tool that allows you to generate videos for your products using either product URL or pictures stored on your computer. Upload or import the images from any Shopify store URL, customize text options, choose royalty-free music tracks, and click on the Generate Video button to get your video in a matter of seconds.

There are a variety of copyright-free music tracks to select from, as well as the option to include your brand name and message at the conclusion5618 With Niche Scraper’s Facebook video ad generator tool, you may create Facebook video advertisements for your dropshipping store with ease.

However, if you are more experienced in creating videos, the video as generator tool might seem limited.

Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper: Pricing

Ecomhunt Pricing

Ecomhunt provides you 2 types of membership.

Ecomhunt Pricing

Free Membership – You can use the free membership to gather product intelligence, but you will have fewer features with this membership level

Premium Membership – For just $29 per month, Ecomhunt premium members have access to absolutely everything on the platform.

You will be able to search for products using a more advanced search engine with a variety of filters. You can also view daily sales, track products and import the most profitable ones to Shopify with one click.

Ecomhunt provides you a 30-day money-back guarantee for their premium memberships.

Niche Scraper Pricing

Niche Scraper offers a very straightforward pricing model. They offer two pricing plans – Free and Pro.

Niche Scraper pricing
  • Free Plan – Niche Scraper free plan offers limited access to all products and tools with a 3-day delay on new winning products. You get limited access to Facebook video ad generator and limited access to their exclusive dropshipping guides. You cannot block others from spying on your Shopify store.
  • Pro Plan – Unlimited access to all their product and tools with no delay. You get unlimited access to Facebook video ad generator and access to all their exclusive dropshipping guides. Access to advanced reports such as Facebook ad reports, Targeting suggestions, AliExpress reports etc.

Niche Scraper also offers annual Pro membership with a discount of up to 60% off, which costs at $199 / year.

Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper: Resources and Support

Ecomhunt Resources and Support

Ecomhunt is a safe, secure, and dependable platform that has excellent customer support, so you are unlikely to encounter many difficulties. Ecomhunt provides a variety of assistance for your dropshipping projects. Ecomhunt has a webinar series that covers everything from selecting winning items to Facebook Ads for business growth.

If you’re new to dropshipping, Ecomhunt’s training videos are a good place to start. Ecomhunt contains a wealth of information about how to get started with dropshipping, how to create Facebook ads for a business, and other methods for improving store conversion.

Ecomhunt ebooks

Then there’s the Ecomhunt YouTube channel. The Ecomhunt team updates the channel on a regular basis to offer you with various new strategies, ideas, hacks, winning items, and interviews with many 7-figure dropshipping entrepreneurs.

Ecomhunt YouTube Channel

The Ecomhunt Blog is one of the most active blogs dedicated to dropshipping, where you’ll discover a wealth of information on dropshipping techniques, product breakdowns, store breakdowns, and more. Ecomhunt Masterclass is a free 10-day online course that covers A-to-Z basics about dropshipping. Ecomhunt Masterclass is an excellent option if you want to learn more about dropshipping.

Ecomhunt Masterclass

It’s a $199 online course with 14 modules and 70+ video tutorial lessons on topics such as developing high-converting stores, advanced Facebook Ads, copywriting, and email marketing. Ecomhunt also has a large and active Facebook group with around 80,000 members. You can join the group, ask any question, and get an answer from other members or Ecomhunt’s staff.

Niche Scraper Resources and Support

The section Getting Started on the Niche Scraper dashboard gives you access to how-tos videos and advanced dropshipping instructions. It also has videos demonstrating how to use Niche Scraper to find the best products for your business, as well as more complex Facebook ad campaigns.

Niche Scraper tutorials

They also have a YouTube channel where new material is added on a regular basis, and you may follow it to stay informed of Niche Scraper’s newest features. They also have an active Facebook group where members post product research and marketing strategies.

Niche Scraper YouTube Channel

Niche Scraper does not provide live chat or phone assistance to its clients. The only way to get help is via their contact page or on their Facebook group. To obtain assistance, go to their contact page and fill out the contact form with your questions, and they will respond within a few hours.

Ecomhunt vs Niche Scraper: Which One Should You Use?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that both of these tools are equally impressive, but they differ in little aspects.

Ecomhunt is a great tool for those who want to create videos and edit them for their store or business (although you can do it yourself, if you wish). Ecomhunt provides excellent training material and support for beginners, as well as advanced users. Ecomhunt is a very well-rounded tool for dropshippers looking to improve their business.

On the other hand, Niche Scraper is an excellent option for those who don’t need many videos but would like to find the best product and create Facebook ad campaigns. Niche Scraper is a tool that makes it easy to find profitable products and create high-converting Facebook ad campaigns.

Ecomhunt provides excellent training material and support, while Niche Scraper has fewer functions but is much easier to use. Ecomhunt has an edge over Niche Scraper because it provides more comprehensive support materials for beginners, in addition to advanced assistance for experienced users.

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