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Jungle Scout Review 2021 – Best Amazon FBA Product Research Tool

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If you are planning to sell on Amazon, then the first question would arise in your mind would be “what am I going to sell?” When you are beginning your Amazon FBA journey the most crucial factor determining your success is finding the right niche and the products to sell.

You must select the products carefully you want to sell on Amazon, as if your product is flooded with low-priced competitors, you are not likely to be in the top of the search results. Also if you sell too niche or specialized products, there may not be enough customers to buy your products. To get success in your Amazon FBA business you need to find the mix of high-demand and low competition products.

Fortunately, there are lots of tools are now available to find you Amazon niche products to sell and evaluate their potential. Jungle Scout is one of the most popular and best tool available to find the winning products to sell on Amazon. It does not only help you find great products but also help you in sourcing a supplier, launching and optimizing a product listing, managing business analytics, inventory, and more.

So in this Jungle Scout review, we will find out what they do offer, how they compare with similar tools and if it is worth your money or not?

Jungle Scout Review: Overview

Jungle Scout is a cloud-based Amazon FBA seller tool that helps you find the best profitable products, sourcing a supplier, launching and optimizing your product listing, managing inventory, and spy on competitors all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Jungle Scout review

Jungle Scout was founded by Greg Mercer in 2015 as a tool to help Amazon seller to find the great winning products to sell on Amazon. It consists an Amazon product database that helps find profitable products to sell. The product database can be filtered by various parameters such as sales volume, product size, number of reviews and product Tracker monitors competitor’s pricing, inventory, profit margins etc to help you find the best product to start selling on Amazon.

Apart from product research tool it also contains Keyword Scout, Listing Builder, Supplier Database, Promotions & Email Campaigns, Sales Analytics and Inventory Manager to help you manage your Amazon FBA business from their dashboard. It also offers a Chrome Extension which allows you to quickly check the insight of any product while browsing the Amazon Website.

Jungle Scout Review: Features

Jungle Scout helps you to perform product research to find the best profitable products to sell on Amazon based on Amazon product database. Finding the perfect niche and best profitable products to sell is one of the first step to success in Amazon FBA business. Product research tools like Jungle Scout helps you save your time by finding potential Amazon product ideas.

Jungle Scout comes with many advance tools and features like Jungle Scout Product Research tool, Product Sourcing, Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, Supplier Database etc. Let’s review all the features of Jungle Scout and find out if its worth the money or not.

Product Database

The product database is a core feature of Jungle Scout, and it contains a database of over 475 million products. The database has products from all the major Amazon stores around the world, and Jungle Scout allows you to easily search the products and narrow down that perfect item to sell using  the powerful filters available to you.

Jungle Scout Product Database

The database contains almost all the products across the entire Amazon catalog and comes with powerful search filters You can search and filter the product database using various parameters such sort by categories, estimated sales, sales rank, revenue, and more to quickly find the profitable product ideas.

Within a few minutes you can generate a list of products ideas and start discovering the products that match your specific criteria. You can further narrow down the search results to find the winning products by evaluating parameters like products with high competition and low ratings or products with underperforming listings.

To Use Jungle Scoot product database, first select the desired Amazon Marketplace from the dropdown and then filter the products by selecting the categories you are interested in.

Jungle Scout Amazon Marketplace

You can further filter the product list to get a manageable number of products that matches the type of products you are looking for. You can filter by price, sales, revenue, reviews, size and how it is sold already (Amazon themselves, You can filter by many parameters such as by price, sales, revenue, reviews, size and how it is sold already.

Jungle Scout Product filters

Jungle Scout offers a great feature that you can save filters preset, that you can use to apply a customized set of filters on future search by using load filters feature.

Once you have selected the categories and filters, you can hit the Search button, and you will be provided with a list of products based on your search criteria. You can also export the list as CSV to access and analysis it offline in the future.

Jungle Scout product list

Product Tracker

After you have search and filtered out some products to consider using the Product database, you still need to research the product using more data before selecting it as your winning product. This is where the product tracker feature of the Jungle Scout comes in your help.

Product Tracker lets you see the entire sales history of any particular product. You can track the performance of any product by tracking it over a period of time on various metrics such as daily stocks, sales, prices, and ranking of top-selling products.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Product Tracker tracks rankings, sales, revenues, and best-selling products on daily basis and by checking this information over a period of time, you can make an informed decision about the potential of a particular product.

You can also create customized groups where you can track the number of products together to compare them on the based of their performance over a period of time.

Supplier Database

Jungle Scout supplier database is a new feature added to the tool in 2019 and that wallows you to find the perfect supplier for the products you have researched through product database and product tracker features.

Jungle Scout supplier database lets you find the verified suppliers for your researched products that can manufacture/source your products fast and efficiently. It also shows you the business suppler has done with the American companies and who are their other customers. It even provides information such as how much business those customers have done and match actual products with their supplier.

To Use Jungle Scoot supplier database, click the Find Suppliers menu option in the left sidebar, then select the Supplier Database sub-menu. It will open a page with a simple search bar, where you can input the type of product you are looking for.

Jungle Scout search supplier

You can search the supplier database by product, company or supplier so if you know the company or supplier you want to deal with, you can search for those as well. Enter your query and hot the Search button, you will be presented with the list of suppliers and some basic information about them.

Jungle Scout supplier database

The supplier database is a great tool to find the supplier of your competitors on the Amazon and check their information. To search your competitors suppliers simply open the Supplier Database page and enter your competitors name and make sure that ‘Search By’ field is set to ‘Company’.

The real advantage of supplier database is that when you find the suppliers of an existing big brand already selling great at Amazon is that you can be sure that you are dealing with a verified manufacturer of the products and no middleman is involved so you will get the best price for the products.

Niche Hunter

The Jungle Scout niche hunter is an advanced tool for finding profitable Amazon niche products. This tool allows you to identify profitable niche ideas, products, and keywords based on parameters such as category, competition, Listing Quality Score (LQS), Average Price etc.

Navigate to niche hunter in Jungle Scout admin and set the parameters to determine the type of niche you would be interested, whether category, monthly demand, price, competition, or more.

Niche hunter parameters

After you enter the parameters and hit the search button, the niche hunter database will determine a good product opportunity based on monthly demand, competition, price, quality of competitive listings etc and will list out the product based on Opportunity Score.

Niche hunter product list

Opportunity Score is a numerical value from a range of 0-100, created by Jungle Scout based on their algorithm to find the best opportunity for sellers to find niche products. You can check the metrics of product list provided by Niche hunter and can quickly dig deeper into any niche that interests you. You can immediately get a robust analysis of the niche by seeing the seller metrics of the Top 5 sellers for that keyword as shown below:

Niche hunter seller metrics

The top 10 products for the given keyword are also displayed for quick reference and with a click, you can add any products to your Product Tracker, to further analyze it before making any final decision.

You can also click the product and see the actual Amazon product page to check the Product Title, Product Images, quality of reviews, and whatever other criteria you use when evaluating product ideas.

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is a tool in the Jungle Scout that provide you most accurate and updated keyword research for Amazon products. Amazon keyword research is crucial for your product listing, as you want to make sure that people are searching for your products and your listings are optimized to match those search queries.

Keyword Scout allows you to discover new keywords and gives you dynamic search results. This is one of the most significant difference when compared to other keyword search tools. For example, when you search for yoga mat in keyword scout, it will display all the related search term, and you can discover the terms customers are searching on Amazon related to you products.

Jungle scout keyword scout

The keyword scout also helps you find niche products, as it gives you lots of related keywords with some of them so specific and niched down, that you can even get the idea of related easy and better to rank products. For example, in our search above for yoga mat, you can check the term yoga mat strap has 8472 monthly searches. It can be a potential winning product idea that is entirely unique however associated product to yoga mat.

Using keyword scout find large amount of keyword searches, but you can also search for ASIN to find out the keywords for any particular product, find competing products, and see PPC costs and print speeds in real-time. This tool will tell you precisely how much you will need to spend to get your products leading the Amazon search results.

Listing Builder

Creating a perfect Amazon listing is difficult for a FBA merchant, this is where the listing builder feature of Jungle Scout helps you compete for critical ranking on Amazon search results with data-driven listings.

You can use it to create or edit your listing based on keywords and listing optimization score. It helps you to list your products with the right keywords to outrank your competition and appear in the top of Amazon search results.

The listing builder starts with adding the list of keywords that you want to target, in a custom list

listing builder custom list

Then you can use these keywords to create a new listing inside the listing builder tool :

listing builder create new listing

Once you hit Next, you will be navigated to a new window where your selected keywords will be on the left and the text fields you need to fill to create the listing will be on the right as shown below:

jungle scout listing details 1

As you fill the fields with the listing builder, you will be given the running percentage of the keyword density called listing optimization score. The listing optimization score tells you how optimized your listings are. The higher your score, the more likely that your listing appear in top of Amazon search pages and earn conversions.


Selling on Amazon is not am easy task considering all the competition you have to face from thousands of other third-party sellers. Jungle Scout launch is a new feature added in Jungle Scout product suite in 2019, and it allows you to promote your existing selling products or do new product launches.

Jungle Scout launch helps you promote your products correctly, so that you will be able to make more sales faster. If you get more sales faster, your Amazon product ranking will also improve faster.

Jungle Scout launch also features email campaigns, which helps you to get more reviews for your products that leads to a higher conversion rate, more resales, and a longer customer-lifetime-value. It also allows you to promote your discounted products, where customers can can request a coupon for your product, which helps in selling your products faster and improve your organic rankings.

Rank Tracker

Jungle Scout’s Rank Tracker is a powerful feature that allows you to track how your products listings are performing in search rankings over time. Using it, you can generate a keywords lists in seconds and check where your products ranks for various search terms as compared to your competitors.

You can generate the list of keyword either using keyword scout or manually, then input the list into Rank Tracker, and you’ll see exactly where your product ranks organically on Amazon’s search engine pages.

You can also use it to track your competitors by entering your competitor’s ASINs into the tracker to see the keywords they rank for. Furthermore, you can then analyze their strategy to find out how you can gain an edge over your competition.

Jungle Scout Rank Tracker

You can also use it to find new keyword opportunities for your existing product listing on Amazon. Rank Tracker can show you the profitable keywords for which your products don’t rank, and you might be missing sales for those. Once you.ve found these keywords you can optimize your product listing accordingly.

Rank Tracker saves all your ranking information into product groups, which allows you to add or delete keywords when you improve your product listing. You can manage all your keyword in one place as Rank tracker works automatically with jungle Scout other tools.

Sales Analytics

Jungle Scout sales analytics feature allows you to check your real-time sales data of your Amazon listings so that you can make an informed decision to keep your business in profit. This will provide you your sales metrics over a period of time, so that you can evaluate and optimize your business strategy.

Jungle Scout Sales Ananlysis 1

You can check the individual product performance, as well as supplier details over a period. The sales analytics tools allows you to check when your particular product sale peaked and allows you to minimize the risk. You may also notice that certain product and sales promotion acts better at different times, which helps you in developing your business strategy.

Inventory Manager

Keeping track of inventory is a crucial for the success in Amazon FBA business. Jungle Scout inventory manager features provides you data-driven approach to manage your product inventory. It accurately predicts how much inventory you should order and the best time to order it to boost your sales and minimize the Amazon FBA warehouse fees,

Jungle Scout Inventory manager

You can view the real-time status of your Amazon FBA inventory that allows you to quickly assess how much stock and when you should reorder. Based on the data from your Amazon FBA inventory, Inventory Manager calculates the date and quantity you should order as well as the estimated cost and profits.

Jungle Scout Inventory Manage also helps you predict FBA sales and profits. You can analyze various critical inventory-level metrics such as revenue, cost, profit, average daily sales, and average profit per unit. It also helps you to reduce you costly long-term Amazon FBA fees by ensuring you don’t order stock too early, and you don’t order more than you need.

Jungle Scout Alerts

Alert is a new feature of Jungle Scout, which inform you about critical changes to your Amazon products so that you can act fast as and when required. You can customize your product alerts such as monitor changes to Amazon products including product titles, images, category, and new sellers to a listing, and set alert thresholds for changes in pricing, Best Seller Rank (BSR), and product rating.

alerts track product review changes

You can track the product reviews for your products on Amazon and get notified when your overall star rating drops below your custom threshold and for new, deleted or unavailable reviews, or changes in Buy Box ownership.

It also allows you to monitor your competitors by setting custom alerts to easily track your competitor’s activities and understand their next move. Jungle Scout Alerts also sends you daily emails with a snapshot of your Amazon business.


Academy is one of the most comprehensive and actionable training program for selling on Amazon offered by Jungle Scout. It contains more than 130 videos and covers everything from product research to managing your Amazon business which is suitable for new sellers to Amazon pro sellers.

Jungle Scout Academy 1

Jungle Scout Academy is designed by its founder and CEO Greg Mercer and contains the best tried and tested tips from experienced, real sellers to help you sell and succeed on Amazon early.


Jungle Scout also offers a robust browser extension for Amazon on Chrome and Firefox, which allows you to evaluate new opportunities, forecast product sales, and request reviews. Extension shows you the key insights including product demand, competitive data, and profit projections directly from Amazon for the product page or search results page you’re viewing.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

You can validate your product ideas and check if a product is a worthwhile investment with the most accurate real-time data such as historical sales, historical pricing, and monthly sales estimates. You can quickly validate any product by checking its Opportunity Score, demand, competition, and listing quality data to determine it’s potential.

You can even customize your view to see the data that’s most important for your business such as brand, price, monthly sales, rating, and Listing Quality Score. Also, easily send request for product reviews from your customers with Jungle Scout’s Extension in just one click.

Jungle Scout Review: Pricing

Jungle Scout can be used in two different ways – the Web App and the Chrome Extension. It offers three different plans based on monthly and yearly pricing plans.

Monthly payment:

  • Basic – Jungle Scout Extension only : $49 per month
  • Suite – Jungle Scout & Extension: $69 per month
  • Professional – Jungle Scout & Extension + More features: $169 per month

Jungle Scout Monthly plans

Annual payment:

  • Basic – Jungle Scout Extension only : $29 per month
  • Suite – Jungle Scout & Extension: $49 per month
  • Professional – Jungle Scout & Extension + More features: $84 per month
Jungle Scout Yearly plan

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Jungle Scout is an outstanding product research and Amazon business tool available in the market to help sellers find the most profitable products to list on Amazon. There are some other tools available in the market to help sellers sell on Amazon. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Viral LaunchViral Launch is one of the single-largest competitor of Jungle Scout with a database of over 350 million Amazon products. It has the deepest analytics database and market intelligence suite for the Amazon Marketplace It has one of the advanced and intuitive Keyword Research tool and Includes Chrome App standard in pricing plans.
  • Helium 10 – Helium 10 is powerful suite of software tools for Amazon sellers to help them find profitable products to sell on Amazon. It provides you with everything you need to succeed in Amazon business such as find the best products to sell, optimize your listings, product tracker, find suppliers etc.
  • AMZScout -AMZScout is an alternative that looks, feels, and even smells like Jungle Scout. Just like Jungle Scout AMZ Scout is available in two versions – a web app plus a Chrome extension.

Jungle Scout Review : Conclusion

Jungle Scout is one of the most popular Amazon seller tools and most cost-effective as compared to their alternatives. It comes with lots of great features which are extremely user-friendly. Jungle Scout also comes with lots of useful resources for early sellers, such as the training module and marketplace. So, I highly recommend subscribing to Jungle Scout as soon as you begin your Amazon FBA Journey.

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