How to Manage Suppliers in PrestaShop

Sometimes the products we source for our PrestaShop store have different suppliers than manufacturers. In that case we need to add suppliers in a PrestaShop store. In PrestaShop admin we can add a supplier just like a we add a brand. If you buy products directly from manufacturer then you don’t need to add a supplier for the product. In this case you can add a brand (Manufacturer) in PrestaShop. To learn how to add brand in PrestaShop, read our previous tutorial Managing Brands in PrestaShop/

Add Product Suppliers

To add and manage product suppliers, navigate to Catalog -> Brands & Supplier in the back office of your PrestaShop store, and go to Suppliers tab. On the page that open there is a list of existing default suppliers that comes with installation of PrestaShop. To add a new supplier click on the Add new Supplier button on the top right corner of the page. Clicking the button will open a page with form for adding supplier as shown below:

PrestaShop add Supplier

The options to add supplier are:

  • Name – This field represent the name of the supplier. This will be used on frontend and backend.
  • Description –  you can use this to enter any information about the supplier. The detailed description is shown on the page of the supplier on the frontend. This field is optional.
  • Phone – enter the phone of the supplier, however this field is optional.
  • Mobile phone – enter the mobile phone of the supplier, however this field is optional.
  • Address – The name of the street, building number floors etc for the supplier.
  • Address2 – Extra filed to enter address of supplier, if not last field is falling short for the address.
  • ZIP/Postal Code – ZIP/Postal Code of the supplier’s address.
  • City – The city of the supplier’s address
  • Country – The country of the supplier.
  • State – Enter the state of the supplier.
  • Logo – You can use this field to upload the logo of the supplier. Click on the Browse button to add a new logo from your local computer. The logo will be uploaded after you will save the supplier. The logo is displayed on the supplier page on PrestaShop frontend.
  • Meta title – Enter the name of the supplier here. This is use as a tile for the suppliers page. it is shown in the browser title and in browser tabs. It is also used by search engine in search results.
  • Meta description – a short description about the supplier that is used by search engines to display in search results.
  • Meta keyword – you can type some keyword and phrases that are related to the supplier. You can add multiple keyword, to do so enter a keyword and press enter. To delete any keyword click on little cross(x) beside the keyword.
  • Enable – You can set the enable to yes to show the supplier on the frontend of your PrestaShop store. By default its set to no.

After you have filled all the information, click on save button to add a new supplier.


Edit, Delete and Manage Existing Suppliers

To manage the existing suppliers, navigate to Catalog -> Brands & Supplier in the back office of your PrestaShop store, and go to Suppliers tab. On this page you’ll see a list of all the suppliers for your store. To view the products associated with a supplier click either on its row in the table or on its View button:

PrestaShop suppliers list


This will open a page with a lists of all products associated with the supplier. If the products have combinations they will also be listed on this page.

To edit a supplier, in the table of the supplier’s lists click on the arrow that’s next to the View button for the particular supplier and from the drop-down menu that appears select Edit:

PrestaShop Edit Suppliers


it will open a page with form to edit the supplier similar to adding a suppler. The fields are same as adding a new supplier, for more details of these fields go to previous section Add Product Suppliers.

To delete a supplier, in the table of supplier’s list click on the arrow next to the View button for the particular supplier and from the drop-down menu that appears select Delete.

Associate Products with Supplier

You can associated a product with a supplier when you add or edit that product in PrestaShop. On the form for adding/editing products on the Options tab, scroll down Suppliers section. You will see a list of all your suppliers in this section.  To associate the product with a supplier just select the check boxes for the respective suppliers. You can have more than one supplier for a product in PrestaShop. If you have selected more than one supplier for the product, you can select the default one using the Default radio button:

PrestaShop Select Supplier

After you have selected the supplier, you will see Product Reference(s) section on the same page with a table for each of the selected suppliers:

PrestaShop supplier references


Each table lists the product that you’re editing and its combinations, if any. In the table there are a few fields which you can use to specify the price of the product that you paid to the supplier, the currency used to pay, and there’s also a field for supplier reference. Of course, these fields are optional. After you’re entered all the information click on the Save to save the product.

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