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How to Manage Product Packs in PrestaShop

You may want to sell a pack of products made of several items on your PrestaShop store. For example a starter computer pack consist of the computer itself, a monitor, and a printer. PrestaShop enables you to manage  product packs and add other products from your catalog to this pack. This means that when a customer orders the pack on your store, all products that are in the pack will be ordered. You can still sell each individual product separately as well as a part of one or more packs.

The product pack has its own price specified, and when a customer orders the product pack that’s the price they will pay for all the products in the pack regardless of what the price of each individual product is. You can sell a pack of products with a price that’s less than the sum of the prices of the products when ordered to boost sales of your PrestaShop store. All the products of the product pack are listed on the frontend detail page of product pack, but when add in the cart they’ll see only the name of the pack without a list of the products in it.

A product pack is created in almost the same way as an standard product  in PrestaShop store. The only differences are that you have to change the type of product and choose the individual products that will create the pack. The rest other settings are configured in the similar way as standard product.

For basic information on how to add a product in PrestaShop store, check out our tutorial Managing Products in PrestaShop 1.7

Adding a Product Packs

To create a product pack, you need to have all the products added in your store as standard products that you want to include in the packs. The actual pack are added just like any other product. All the settings are configured in exactly the same way except that you have to change product type and select the products that you want to include in the pack.

So to create a pack navigate to Catalog ->Products in PrestaShop admin panel and click on the New product button on the top right of the page. This will open a page to add a new product with the form to fill all the product settings. To change the product type to product pack, select Pack of Products from the drop-down on the top of the page.

PrestaShop product pack


To add a product to the pack start typing its name in the field Search for a Product. A drop-down list will appear and you can select the product from there. In the Quantity field enter the number of product(s) that you want to be added to each pack.  After that click on the button Add to add the product to the pack.


PrestaShop add product pack


To remove a product from the pack, hover the cursor on the product image  and click on the delete symbol that appears on the top of image.  You can’t add products with combinations  or virtual products to the pack. You also can’t add an existing pack into another pack.

When we have a pack of products , we can manage the quantities in several ways like when customer buys a pack of product which quantity will be decreased in your PrestaShop store quantity of the product pack or the individual products quantity. You can also manage this options in PrestaShop. To do so navigate to Quantities tab while adding / editing the pack of products. In the section Pack Quantities select the desired option from the drop-down.


PrestaShop product pack quantities

The options are as follows:

  • Decrement Pack only – selecting this option will decrement the quantities from the pack of products only and no changes will be done in individual products quantities.
  • Decrement Product in Pack Only – selecting this option will decrement the quantities of individual products in the pack and no changes will be done to the quantity of pack of product.
  • Decrement Both – selecting this option will decrement the quantity from both pack of products and individual products in pack of products.


Default is Decrement Pack only. Rest all of the settings are same as standard products. After you have added all your desired products to the pack of products click on Save button.

Product Packs on the Frontend

A product pack contains two or more individual products but exists as a separate entry in the catalog just like any individual product. It has it’s own product page on the frontend. There’s a section called This pack contains on the page that shows all the products with their quantities that are in the pack:

PresatShop product pack frontend


Each individual product in the pack is listed with the price at which it’s sold as a separate product. For each product it’s mentioned how many units from the product are included in a product pack. When the product is added to the cart and during the checkout the pack is listed only with its name. The individual products of the pack are not shown:


PrestaShop shopping cart



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