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What are the Best PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Modules

According to Sale Cycle about 77% of people abandon their carts online. This means 3 out of 4 potential customers on your eCommerce store who add your products in cart leave it without buying it. So as a PrestaShop store owner you can understand how badly shopping cart abandonment affect your business.

PrestaShop abandoned cart modules automatically sends an email to your customer (registered user and guest visitors) about their forgotten cart and insists them to return back to your store and complete the checkout process. The admin can track cart recoveries, create custom email templates and schedule when to send email to customer and view reports etc.

PrestaShop abandoned cart modules lets you create unlimited number of email templates with attractive designs. The recovery emails are based on the rules defined by you in the PrestaShop abandoned cart modules. You can even add a discount voucher codes, details of product added in cart and a direct link to restore the cart in the recovery email  to make it more attractive.

The shopping cart abandonment rate is an important factor for an online store as high abandonment rate means loss of sales, revenue and reduced conversion rate for your online store. Reducing shopping cart abandonment leads to more sales and revenue, that’s why an abandonment cart module is important for your store.

Reasons For Shopping Cart Abandonment

There are several different reasons for which people abandon their carts. Some of the common reasons are as follows:

  1. Lack of Product Details –  Research says that, 81% of the shoppers conduct online research before buying. People have habit of doing research of the products before making the purchase. So if  your store doesn’t provide adequate product details,  potential customers will leave your site.
  2. High Shipping Costs When people add an item to a cart they expect the shipping cost to be minimal or free. If your shipping cost is more than industry standard or other unexpected cost appear to cart after checkout process starts people will leave your site.
  3. No Current Coupon Codes – If you have voucher code or discount box in your PrestaShop cart, people will leave you site to find the voucher code. If they don’t find any, probably they will not come back to complete the purchase because they may feel they can get discount code at later time.
  4. Complicated Registration Process – When you as a store owner makes it mandatory for the customers to register themselves before making a purchase, you run the risk of loosing them if you have a complicated registration process. Some customers are not comfortable providing their personal info and other might think its worthless to fill a long form just to purchase a single item.
  5. Not Enough Payment Options –Different customers are comfortable with different payment methods, usually the one they have used before. If your store doesn’t offer more than one payment options, chances are that customer will leave your site without buying the product.
  6. Security Concerns – If your store process credit card directly without going through payment gateway site like PayPal, then security could be an issue. Also if you don’t maintain your SSL certificate up to date and do not have industry standard trust logo on your website, you might loose potential customer as they think your site is not secure for online payments.
  7. Lack of Return Policy – A customer must have confidence in purchasing products from your online store. If you store doesn’t have a proper return policy or they had trouble finding it, they may not trust your store and thus they will not purchase your products.
  8. Lack of Customer Support – Your online store must have customer support as lack of customer support may lead to abandoned cart, as customer may have some pre-sales questions. If your store does not have any customer support like chat, community forums etc,they may not trust your store and they will not buy your products.

There are several PrestaShop abandoned cart modules which helps in reducing shopping cart abandonment and leads to more sales and revenue

1.PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Reminder/Alert Pro Module

PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Reminder/Alert Pro Module

This PrestaShop module can help you increase your conversion rate by re-marketing to customers about their abandoned shopping cart. It can send a remainder emails to customers about their abandoned shopping cart. You can even preview the email before sending to customers, Analytic with chart about emails sent, viewed, clicked, ordered, Send discounts code, coupon directly via the email helps in Reducing cart abandonment and improved conversion rate by 25% or more. Some of the features are as follows:

    • Reduces cart abandonment and improve conversion rate by more than 25%
    • Complete analytics with chart about emails sent, clicked and ordered
    • Send voucher code, discount coupon  directly in the email
    • Recover lost sales  and track abandon orders
    • Send cart reminders to attract more visitors
    • Preview email template before sending to customer



2.  Knowband – Abandoned Cart Serial Reminders (Smart) Module

Knowband - Abandoned Cart Serial Reminders (Smart) Module

PrestaShop Abandoned cart serial remainders module helps you to track the abandoned carts on the store and send automatic or manual email reminders. You can also configure the module to send voucher code with the email to attract the customer to complete the purchase.


    • Capture guest as well as registered customers abandoned carts
    • Several ready-made email templates available.
    • Configure after how much time cart will be assumed as abandoned
    • You can schedule the numbers of serial reminder to be sent to customers
    • Each reminder can have different or same amount of discount voucher
    • Create any number of custom email templates or predefined email templates
    • Easily translate email templates to other languages



3. Abandoned Cart Reminder Module

Abandoned Cart Reminder Module

Abandoned cart reminder module helps bringing customers back to your website to complete their order and increase your sales. It also helps your PrestaShop store reduces the number of abandoned carts by displaying cart popup notification, highlight notification bar and web browser notification.


    • Send abandoned cart reminder via email
    • Pop-up notification
    • Highlight bar notification
    • Web browser notification


4. Advanced abandoned cart with analytics Module

Advanced abandoned cart with analytics Module

Send abandoned cart notification, increase your orders, revenue and conversion rate. Finally collect analytical data. The abandoned cart mail facilitate with one click cart creation and navigate user for the checkout.


    • Increase your numbers of order and ultimately your revenue by sending reminder mails to your customer to complete their orders.
    • Send unlimited emails as long as you want to your customers when they initiate the cart but don’t complete the order.
    • Email template is already there, you can simply add more content to the email template
    • The email will have list of products with image and link along with the Complete order button which will automatically populate the abandoned cart automatically just by one click and navigate user to the checkout page to make order even faster.



5. No More Abandoned Carts | Abandoned to Valid Cart Module

This module helps you to convert all your abandoned shopping carts into a valid cart without sending any reminders to the customers by email or any other alternatives. Sometimes your customers get irritated by getting unwanted emails and calls about their abandoned cart from your store, they also get to unsubscribe your email or don’t pick your call about the reminder.


    • Convert your cart abandonment into a valid cart
    • No reminders are demanded
    • The newly created cart will be merged with the abandoned one
    • No abandoned cart is created
    • Easy to install


6. Recover Abandoned Guest Carts

Abandoned carts that do not have an email address is one of the biggest problems for store owners. This module provides a better solution to this problem by capturing email addresses in a better way. Store owners can now contact guest customers by email to motivate them to complete their purchase orders.


    • Email Retargeting: Deliverability Rate 97%, Open Rate 30%
    • Facebook Messenger: 80% Open Rate, 35% Click-Rate
    • Text Message Retargeting: 24% Click-Rate, 20% Conversion Rate




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