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How to Manage Cart Rules in PrestaShop

Sometimes you may need to implement some practices to boost sales and increase conversion rates of your PrestaShop store. This can be done by allowing discount by giving them voucher codes that can be redeemed by customers while purchase. PrestaShop cart rules enables you to configure coupons that offers discount to customers who buy some products on your store.

You can create cart rules with several conditions, and if the products in the cart meets these conditions, and if the particular customer is allowed to use price rule, then the customer can use the voucher to avail discounts. Cart rules are also called as vouchers, in previous versions of PrestaShop cart rules are called vouchers.

A cart rule can have all sort of conditions that have to be fulfilled so that it can be applied. You can limit it to a customer groups or even a specific customer, to specific countries, carriers etc. You can even set it to apply only for a specific period of time and only to particular customers.

If you want to add a discount only to a particular product, then there is a way to do that from the options of that product. On the form for adding/editing products click on the Pricing tab and on the page that opens use the options in the section Specific Prices. For more information check out the tutorial on Managing Products in PrestaShop 1.7.


Creating Cart Rule in PrestaShop

To add a new cart rule, navigate to Catalog->Discounts in PrestaShop admin panel and click on the Add new cart rule button the top of the page.

PrestaShop cart rule page


This will open a page with the form for adding new cart rules. There are three groups with options, for each group there’s a page that lists them and there’s a tab for options: InformationConditions, and Actions.

PrestaShop add cart rule


Information Settings of a Cart Rule

When you navigate to  Catalog->Discounts in PrestaShop admin and you click on the button for adding a new cart rule (or edit an existing one), this will display the options to add a new cart rule. By default, the first tab Information tab, which has the options for general information of the cart rule . The settings on the Information tab are as follows:

PrestaShop add cart rule


  • Name –  enter the name of the cart rule in this field. This is the name of the cart rule that used as a reference in the admin panel as well as show to the customers on frontend.
  • Description – use this field to enter a small description of the cart rule. It is used to give you the information about the cart rule. This is not shown on the frontend.
  • Code – you can enter a voucher code here or you can also generate it randomly by clicking the Generate button next to the field. This is the code used for availing discount in the cart rule by entering it while checkout on the PrestaShop frontend. If you leave this field blank, the voucher will be applied automatically when the conditions of the cart rule are met.
  • Highlight – this field is used to show the voucher code on the checkout page as an available  option to avail discounts by the customers. To do this the cart conditions must be met with the cart rule.
  • Partial use  – this is only applicable if the voucher value is greater than the value of cart. In such cases, if this option is enabled, then the voucher will be used for the value of cart total and a new voucher will be created for the customer with remaining amount left in the voucher. If this option is disabled, and voucher is applied then no additional voucher will be created; the amount that’s left is simply not used and lost.
  • Priority – this option controls the order in which the cart rules are applied. If a customer has more than one voucher and they all can be applied to the cart, then this option determines which voucher can be processed first. A voucher that has priority of 1 is processed before a voucher that has priority of 2.
  • Status – this field is used to activate or deactivate the cart rule. if it is set to yes then only cart rule will be active and can be used on PrestaShop store.

After you have entered all the information click Save and Stay button and continue with other options for cart rule or you can simply go tot next tab and save all information later on.


Options for the Conditions of a Cart Rule

Click on the Conditions tab to configure the options for the conditions of the cart rule.


PrestaShop Cart Rule PrestaShop

The settings on the Conditions tab are as follows:

  • Limit to a single customer – If you want to limit the voucher for a particular customer, then type the initials of the name of email address of the customer and a drop-down will appear with the name of customer, select it from there. If you leave this field empty then the voucher can be used by any customers unless there’s no restriction of the customer groups that can use the voucher.
  • Valid – used this field to select the period for which the voucher is valid. By default, the voucher is valid for one month from the date it is created.
  • Minimum amount – us this field to set the minimum amount of the cart value for which the voucher can be applied. For example, if the minimum amount for the voucher is set to 100 and the cart value is 99 then voucher cannot be applied. Just next to the field, you can select if the tax and shipping charges  should be included or not while comparing it to  minimum amount from the drop-down. For example, if the minimum amount of the voucher is set to 100 and the cart value is 90 and shipping charges is 15, then cart value will be $90 + 15 = $105 thus cart rule will be applied.
  • Total available – use this field to set how many times a voucher can be used. This is the total number of times this voucher can be applied regardless of the customer who uses it.  For example, if it is set to 10, then this voucher can be used 10 times, by same customer or by different customers.
  • Total available for each user  – use this field to set how many times a voucher can be used by s single customer. For example, if it is set to 1 and Total Available is  set to 10, then this voucher can be used only once by a customer and total 10 customers can use it.
  • Restrictions – you can use this field to set several restriction to the voucher in terms of carrier, customer group and product. So the check boxes are as follows:
    • Carrier selection – with this you can select specific carrier for which the voucher will be valid.
    • Customer group selection –  With this you can limit the customer groups that can use the voucher in your store.
    • Product selection – With this you can select the product, attributes, category, brands and suppliers of the products that can take the advantage of the voucher.

After you’ve entered all the information with the options click on Save and stay button to save the options and click on Actions tab to set the options for action of the cart rule.


Options for the Actions of a Cart Price Rule

The options for the actions of a cart rule lets you  specify the exact discount of the voucher and form. It can be a percentage of the cart value or a specific amount; it can free shipping or an additional product as a gift . Click on Actions tab to manage these options:

PrestaShop Cart Rule Action

The options to configure are as follow:

  • Free shipping – You can select this option to apply free shipping when the voucher is used. When this option is enabled and customer uses this voucher code then the shipping charges will be removed from the checkout process of your PrestaShop store.
  • Apply a discount -This option is used to select whether discount should be applied using this voucher or not or if discount is  based on percentage or fixed amount. There are certain options to select as:
    • Percent (%) – select this option if you want to give some percentage of discount to your customers. If you select this option then a new field labelled as Value will appear, where you can enter the  actual percentage.
    • Amount – select this option to give your customer a fixed amount of discount for this voucher. If this option is selected and customer applied the voucher then given fixed amount will be deducted from the cart regardless of the value of the cart.

You can also specify if the amount is tax included or tax excluded. If you select Tax excluded, the discount amount will not be taxed else the discount amount will be taxed.

    • None – select this option if you don’t want any discount to be applied with the voucher. This is useful when you want the voucher to be used for free shipping or a free gift product.
  • Apply a discount to – If you have not set the option Apply a discount to None, then this options will be available. Using this field you can select whether the account should be applied to the total price of the whole order or to specific products. The options are as follows:
    • Order (without shipping) – use this option to apply discount to the total price of the order value except the shipping charges.
    • Specific product – using this option you can give discount to s specific product. When this option is selected a text box labelled Product will appear which can be used to search the product you want to give discount to.
    • Cheapest product  – only available if discount  type is set to Percent (%), select this option to give discount to the cheapest product in the cart.
    • Selected product(s) – only available if discount  type is set to Percent (%) and if you have selected any products from the Product selection option on the Conditions tab. It is useful when you want to give discount to only when particular products are added in the cart and the discount will be for those particular products only.
  • Exclude discounted products – if this option is selected then voucher will not be applied to the products that are already on sale or discount is set on then from product page settings.
  • Send a free gift – select this option if you want the voucher to be for a free gift. When this option is selected a text box labelled Product will appear which can be used to search the product you want to give free. If this voucher is applied then the gifted product will be automatically added to the cart, of course as free.

After you have entered all the options click on Save  button to save the cart rule and now your cart rule / voucher is ready for use.


Manage Existing Cart Rules

To manage existing cart rules, navigate to navigate to Catalog->Discounts in PrestaShop admin panel and it will open a page with list of all existing cart rules.

PrestaShop cart rule Page

To edit a cart rule, click on Edit button for the corresponding cart rule in the list. It will open the form to edit the option of cart rule. These options are same as adding a cart rule, that we have learnt in last section.

To delete a cart rule, in the list of the cart rules click on the arrow that’s next to the Edit button for the particular cart rule and from the drop-down menu select Delete:

PrestaShop cart rule delete

To enable or disable a voucher, you can either edit the voucher and configure its Status option, or directly in the table that lists the existing vouchers click on status icon.  When clicked the status icon changes from green check  to red x mark button and vice-versa. While green check button indicates cart rule is enabled and red x mark indicated cart rule is disabled.

To enable, disable or delete multiple vouchers at the same time, use Bulk actions drop-down menu that’s below the list of car rules. select all the voucher from the list by ticking the check box for each voucher and, then select the action from the drop-down menu.

PrestaShop cart rule bulk action


Cart Rules on the Frontend

Vouchers can be applied by customers on the shopping cart page of the PrestaShop frontend. On the cart page on the right hand side below the summary of total cart value, there’s a link  Have a promo code? Click on this link and it will display a text box where customer an enter the voucher code


PrestaShop frontend cart rule


Any voucher with Highlight option enabled will be listed below text box to enter voucher code, if their conditions are fulfilled.

If a voucher has no code and their conditions are fulfilled, they are automatically applied and are listed in the cart with the discount that’s applied.

If a voucher is created and limited to a particular customer they will listed on the customer account page on the frontend. Customer can access this by going to their account’s page on frontend by clicking on their name on top right on the page.

PrestaShop frontend account


Customer can access their voucher by clicking on Vouchers on this page.

PrestaShop frontend voucher list


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