PrestaShop order preference

How to Manage Order Preference Options in PrestaShop

In addition to the options that you can configure while managing orders, there are also some other store wise options related to orders in PrestaShop.  There are several options on the preferences page related to orders called PrestaShop Order Preference Options, that affects the all orders placed on PrestaShop.

Access PrestaShop Order Preference

To access and configure preferences options for orders, navigate to Shop Parameters -> Order Settings in PrestaShop admin panel. PrestaShop order settings

On the page that opens contains options for the orders grouped into two panels labelled General and Gift Options.

PrestaShop Order Preference – General Options

When you navigate to Shop Parameters -> Order Settings in PrestaShop admin panel, you will find top panel with some options labelled as General Options

PrestaShop order settings

The options are as follows:

  • Enable final summary – Use this option to display order summary ( cart, address, delivery methods etc) before the order confirmation button. This is required in some of the European countries.
  • Enable guest checkout – Use this option to enable guest checkout on your PrestaShop store. By default in PrestaShop a visitor / guest cannot order products without registering as a customer. When this option is enabled then at the sign in step in the checkout process the visitor of your store will have option to register as a customer or checkout as guest without registering. Using guest checkout a visitor can do instant checkout just by entering few personal details.
  • Disable Reordering Option – In PrestaShop frontend on Order History page in customer’s account page there is a Reorder button. When the customer click on this button, then the products of that order are automatically added in cart and customer is redirected to checkout process.  If you wish to disable reordering process and delete the Reorder button from frontend, then set this option to Yes.
  • Minimum purchase total required in order to validate the order This option indicated the minimum amount of products must be in the cart to submit an order. This means the total amount of all products in the cart is less than this minimum amount then customer will not be allowed to place the order. On the checkout page there will be a warning showing the customer regarding minimum amount of products required. By default this value is 0, which means this option is disabled and customer can order the products regardless of the total value of cart.
  • Recalculate shipping costs after order edition Set this option to Yes if you want to automatically recalculate the shipping cost when you edited an order (added a product, changed the delivery address, etc.) from the PrestaShop admin panel.
  • Delayed shipping When you have allowed back orders i.e you have enabled Allow ordering of out-of-stock products from Products Preferences page, you can enable this option. This option allows the ordered products to be dispatched as they become available. For example, a customers has ordered an out-of-stock item along with some available items and if this option is enabled ,  then the items that are in stocks is sent immediately to the customer and other balance items will become another order that will be sent as and when available.
  • Terms of service Enable this option to force customers to accept the terms of service of your store during the checkout process. This is enabled by default in PrestaShop. This means the customer needs to accept the terms of service of your store during the checkout. They won’t be allowed to continue and purchase the product until they will accept the terms of service. If you don’t want to force this to customer, you can disable this option.
  • Page for the Terms and conditions – From this option you can select your shop’s terms and conditions page that are stored in static page.  From the drop-down you can select the CMS page in which your store’s terms and conditions are mentioned. You can manage CMS pages in PrestaShop admin from Design -> Pages.

After you have selected the desired settings don’t forget to click on Save button.

PrestaShop Order Preference

Gift Options

You can offer the products gift wrapping options to your store’s customers. You can do so by Gift Options in PrestaShop admin panel. To access this, navigate to Shop Parameters -> Order Settings in PrestaShop admin panel and go to the panel labelled as Gift Options

PrestaShop Goft Options

The options available for gift options are as follows:

  • Offer gift wrapping – Enable this option to offer your customers gift wrapping facility. If this option is enabled, then at the Shipping step of the checkout, the customers will be given an option to gift wrap the product they are purchasing.
  • Gift-wrapping price -You can enter the price for the gift wrapping here. This price must be tax-excluded and it will shown just next to the gift wrapping option on PrestaShop frontend.
  • Gift-wrapping tax – Select the tax from the drop-down, if you want the gift wrapping option to be taxed.  To learn managing taxes you can check our tutorial Managing Taxes in PrestaShop.
  • Offer recycled packaging -Enable this option, if your store offer recycled packaging of the product and you want your customers to have a choice to have their order packed like this. If you enable this option , there will be an option at the Shipping step of the checkout, where customer can select if they want recycled packaging for their order.

After you make any changes, click on Save button to save the settings.



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