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How to Manage Product Attachments in PrestaShop

Sometimes, you may have a product that will have a manual or updated driver file that you will want to provide to your customers. PrestaShop allows you to share these manuals or driver  files using the product attachments option. In PrestaShop you can attach as many as files to your products. If a product has attachments, they are shown on the product page on the frontend.

Customers can download these attachments even before ordering the product or adding it to cart. The attached file(s) can contain any information you want like product manual, driver files, size chart etc.

You can attach files to a product when adding or editing a product in the PrestaShop admin panel. In addition to this there’s a separate section in the PrestaShop admin panel where all attachments are listed, and from there you can edit or delete any of the attachments.

For basic information on how to add a product in PrestaShop store, check out our tutorial Managing Products in PrestaShop 1.7.


Add Attachments to Products

To add PrestaShop product attachments, navigate to Catalog ->Products in admin panel and edit the product to which you want to add an attachment. You can also add files when adding a new product, but the attachment settings for the product can’t be configured until you save it. On the form for adding/editing product go to Options tab and then scroll down to Attached Files section on the page.


To attach a file to the product, click on the button Attach a new file, it will then display options for adding a file

prestasashop fiile attach

The options are as follows:

  • File – use this option to select the attachment file that you want to upload. Click on the Browse button and use the window that pops up to select the file from your local computer.
  • Title – enter a name for the attachment file. This is the name that will be shown on the frontend.
  • Description – this field is optional. If you want you can type a short description about the attachment that will be shown on the frontend.

After you have selected the attachment file and entered all information, click on Add button to upload the file.  Once the file is uploaded it will be automatically listed above the Attach a new file button.

Prestashop attach file list

Once the file is uploaded, click on the particular check box in the files list above the Attach a new file button to attach the file to the product. If the checkbox is not ticked the file will not be attached to the product.  You can attach more than one files by same process to a product. After you have attached all the files, click save button to save the product.

Note that in the section Attached Files are listed all the available attachments. So if you have uploaded other attachments to any of your other products, they will be listed under Attached Files, and if you want to, you can associate any of them with the product by clicking the check box.

Delete and Edit Product Attachments

After an attachment is uploaded you can’t edit or delete it from the form for adding/editing products. From there you can only add new attachment files and select which of the available attachments should be associated with the particular product.

In the admin panel there’s a separate sections where you can edit and delete PrestaShop product attachments file. To do this, navigate to Catalog ->Files in the PrestaShop admin panel. This will display a list of all the uploaded attachments. From here, if you want you can upload attachments, but you can’t attach them to products. To upload new attachments you can use the button Add new file on the top right of the page. To edit an existing attachment click on its Edit button in the list of attachment files:

PrestaShop product attachments files list

While editing the options of an attachment the settings are the same as those when adding a new attachment from the Options tab of the product form:

PrestaShop file edit


You can edit the name and description of the file, that are shown on the frontend. There’s also a button Download current file with which you can download the attachment file to your local computer. This is useful if you don’t remember which file was last uploaded and you want to check it out.

To delete an attachment, navigate to Catalog ->Files  and click on the arrow next to the Edit button for the particular attachment and in the drop-down menu that appears click on Delete button:

PrestaShop product attachments delete file


A window will pops up asking you to confirm if really want to delete the attachment. If you delete an attachment, it will be removed from all the associated products and it will also be deleted from your hosting account. You can also delete more than one files at the same time. To do this, mark the checkbox for each attachment in the list of the table and use the Delete selected option from the Bulk actions drop-down menu under the list to delete the attachments.

Attachment Options on the Frontend

If an attachment file is added to a product, it can be downloaded by customers from the product page on the frontend. There’s a section Attachments on the page that shows the name of the attachment and the description if provided. The name of the file is a link to the file, user can click on it to download the file:

PrestaShop product attachments front


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