PrestaShop Product Combinations

How to Manage Product Combinations in PrestaShop

PrestaShop product combinations allows you to offer same product in different variations e.g you can have same product in different colors, sizes etc. Instead of creating different products for each variations, you can add a single product and add different product combinations using product attributes. To do this, you need to have product attributes per-configured in your PrestaShop store. To know how to configure product attributes in PrestaShop, please refer our tutorial Managing Product Attributes and Features.

To add and manage product combinations in PrestaShop, you need to edit a particular product. To learn how to add and edit basic product in PrestaShop check out our tutorial  on Managing Products in PrestaShop 1.7.


Access the Product Combinations Options

To add product combinations to a product you need to edit an existing product. To add product combinations to a new product, you need to save the product first then only you can configure product combination options. To add product combinations, on the form of adding or editing a product, in the basic settings tab in Combinations section change the product type from Simple Product to Product with Combinations.

PrestaShop product Combinations

Changing the product type will add a new tab named Combinations where we can manage product combinations.


Add Product Combinations

To add product combinations to a product click on the Combinations tab of the form for adding / editing product. First you need to select the attributes that you want to combine to create product combinations. You can select the attributes like size and color by checking the check boxes  for the attributes on the right side of the page, as shown below



After you have selected your desired attributes for the product combinations, click Generate button to automatically generate all the product combinations as shown below.


After all the combination is generated there are some settings that you can set like impact on price and quantity etc. You can change these settings one by one for each combinations or you can also do bulk actions by selecting the combinations by ticking its check boxes and then click Bulk actions button on the top. The section will expand and some settings will be there to set.

PrestaShop combinations bulk actions

You can then define the following settings for the combinations:

  • Quantity – This is the number of products available for each combination. For instance, you may have 15 red customizable mugs in size S, but only 4 blue customizable mugs sleeves in size S.
  • Cost price Use this field to set the initial price of the product, if the price of product changes.
  • Impact on weight  You can use this field to enter the weight difference of the product combination compared to the base weight of the product.
  • Impact on price (tax excl.) – If the price of  product combination is different from the base product, then you can set this field to fill the impact on price before taxes.
  • Impact on price (tax incl.) If the price of  product combination is different from the base product, then you can set this field to fill the impact on price including taxes.    
  • Availability date – If it is only a temporary or promotional combination, you can indicate the dates of sale from when the product is available.
  • Reference – Input the reference of the combination and the EAN-13 and/or UPC barcodes in each field if required.
  • Minimum quantity – Use this field to define the minimum number of items, that needs to purchase by customer. It is useful if you want this product combination to be sold in batches.
  • Low stock level- You can use this field to set low stock lever of the combination product. You can also tick the check box below to send you an email when the stock quantity is below stock level.


Edit and Delete Product Combinations

To edit or delete the product combinations, on the adding/editing product form click on the Combinations tab and on the page that opens you’ll see the list of existing combinations. To edit a combination simply click on the Edit button ( shown as pencil icon ) for that combination. it will open a page to edit the product combination:

PrestShop product combination edit

The settings are the same as those that can be configured when adding a combination manually.

To delete a combination click on the delete button ( shown as dustbin icon ) for that combination. A popup will appear asking you to confirm the delete action, click on Yes button to confirm the delete.

If you want to make a combination the default one, you can either edit it and configure the respective option, or select the radio button of the column Default Combination for the particular combination product.


Adding images to combinations

You can select a specific image to each combination. For example, you are selling a Mug that is available in red or green. It would be helpful if the customer could click on the red color to see a photo of the red mug in the product image.

To do so, you need to upload the photos to your product page. Click on the Basic Settings tab, then click in the section for uploading images.

PrestaShop combinations upload images

Upload the images by clicking the plus icon, it will popup a box to select the image to upload. After  the images is uploaded it will appear on the images section.


PrestaShop combinations image uploaded


After the images is uploaded, go to Combinations tab, edit the product combination by clicking the  pencil icon, and scroll down to images section on the page that appear.

PrestaShop combinations image section

From this section select the desired image for the product combination.


Product Combination on Frontend

If a product has combinations that will be shown on the product page of the PrestaShop  frontend. The attributes for the combinations will be shown on the  right side of the product page like size and color option. Customer can select the product  combinations by selecting the attributes  of the  product. If images are set  as per attributes then images will also change according to selected product  customization  option.


PrestaShop Combinations frontend

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