PrestaShop product customization

How to Manage Product Customization in PrestaShop

In PrestaShop store you can allow your customers to customize your products. You can allow them to upload one or more images or to type some text to personalize the product. They can do this on the product’s page on your store frontend. PrestaShop Product customization can be enabled individually for each product from the settings page of the particular product.

This way your customer can personalize the products as per their choice. This can be very useful in different situations and it also helps in boosting your sales. For example, you can offer a coffee mug to have their photo or name on it. Product customization can be managed from the form for adding/editing products in the PrestaShop admin panel.

For basic information on how to add a product in PrestaShop store, check out our tutorial Managing Products in PrestaShop 1.7

Add Product Customization

You can add fields for customizing a product while adding or editing a product PrestaShop admin panel. These fields can be then used by customers on the product’s page on the frontend.

To do so,  navigate to Catalog ->Products in PrestaShop admin panel and add a new product or edit the existing product that you want . Go to the  Options tab and then scroll down to Customization section on the page.

PrestaShop product customization



Click on Add a customization field to add customization to the product. You can add as many as customization to a product. For each customization field, you need to provide two information:

  • Label.  This is the name of the field to be entered or uploaded. This will be shown to your customers on frontend.
  • Type. Two types are available Text and File. For text field customer need to enter the value and for file field customer need to upload a file.

You can set the customization field to required by checking the Required checkbox next to it. To delete an existing customization field, click on the Delete icon next to the field shown as dustbin.

After you have entered all the information, click on Save button to save the product customization.


Product Customization Options on the Frontend

If you add customization fields for a product they will be displayed the product page frontend. Customer can use them to upload an image(s) or type some text to customize the product. These customization are saved with in order details and they can then be viewed and managed from the PrestaShop admin panel.

The customization options of the product are shown on a separate section on the product page on the frontend.

PrestaShop product customization frontend


To upload an image, the customer has to click on the button next to the field or click om the field itself and use the pop-out window to select an image from their local computer. If you have provided a text field, the customer will can type the text in the text area. After they have entered all the information they have to click on the Save Customization button below. The image(s) will be uploaded and a small version will be shown just above the field:


PrestaShop product customization upload


If the customer wants to remove an image, they can do this by clicking on Remove Image link next to the image.

After the order is placed the customization values will be attached to the order and you can view them on the order details page in the admin panel.


View and Manage Customization Uploaded by Customers

After a customer orders a product with customization the images uploaded for the product or the text can be viewed from the order details page in the admin panel.. To do so, navigate to Orders ->Orders in the PrestaShop admin panel. A page will open which displays a list of all orders, click on the corresponding order or View button in the last column to view its details:

PrestaShop orders list

On the page that opens after you click on the View button will display all the details about the order. Scroll down the page and go to the Product section that lists the ordered products. If a product has any customization text and images, they are listed under the product:

Prestahop product customization backend


A small copy of the uploaded image is shown. If you click on it, the image will be download on your local computer.

PrestaShop product customization images uploaded by customers are kept in your hosting account in PrestaShop installation folder labeled upload. When a customer uploads an image, in addition to the original image a resized copy is also created. This smaller copy is shown on the product page and order details in the PrestaShop admin panel.

The images for product customization are uploaded before the product is put in the cart by the customers. So customers may upload images without even ordering the product. This means in the upload folder there may be many images for orders that haven’t been placed.



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