Spocket vs Modalyst

Spocket vs Modalyst – Which is better platform for dropshipping in 2022

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The success in a dropshipping business is not only about choosing the right supplier, but also finding the right dropshipping tool to manage your orders and make your business efficient.

There is a good deal of software for this purpose which you can use as per your requirements, Spocket vs Modalyst being one of them. Spocket and Modalyst are two dropshipping companies that provide unique product sourcing opportunities for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Both Spocket and Modalyst both are dropshipping product sourcing platforms, which means that you can source and sell products without having to carry any inventory for your storefront. In this blog post, we will compare Spocket vs Modalyst and will find out what is best for you.

Both Spocket and Modalyst offer online sellers a wide range of benefits, and both platforms can be used to find high-quality suppliers for your products.

However, there are key differences between the two ecommerce sourcing platforms:

  • Modalyst deals with independent designers and companies, none of their suppliers are wholesalers.
  • Spocket’s catalog is more extensive. This is due to Modalyst’s focus on certain niches and categories of items.
  • With Spocket, you can include your brand logo and a personal note, If you’re on the paid plan. Whereas you may generate a personalized invoice on Modalyst on free plan as well.
  • Spocket integrates with more ecommerce platforms than Modalyst. Surprisingly, Modalyst doesn’t integrate with WooCommerce.
  • Modalyst applies a 5% transaction fee across all paid plans, whereas Spocket doesn’t charge any transaction fee.

Spocket vs Modalyst: Spocket Overview

Spocket is a product sourcing app that helps you find and sell products from all over the world. Spocket is a dropshipping app for ecommerce platforms that works with Shopify and Woo-Commerce stores.

Spocket vs Modalyst

The major distinction between Spocket and other dropshipping solutions is that most others are concerned with product sourcing from AliExpress China, whereas Spocket’s main suppliers come from the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Spocket has tens of thousands of products in its catalog that are updated daily. The product range is huge and may include anything from clothing to electronic accessories, kitchenware, sports equipment, toys etc.

You can set up your dropshipping business, selling items from manufacturers in both the United States and the European Union, with just a few clicks. Spocket has many features like trending products, price tracker etc. Moreover, you can also start your own private label brand to make it exclusive for your store.

Some features and benefits of Spocket are as follows:

  • 2-5 Days Shipping Time – Spocket shipments are sent through FedEx or USPS and arrive in two to five days.
  • One Click Import – Import products to your Shopify or WooCommerce store with the click of a button.
  • Automated Order Process – Automatically fulfill orders, track inventory and update store listings in real time.
  • Track Products – Track individual products, receive email updates about new price drops, and monitor retailer stock levels.
  • High-Quality Products – Manufacturers in the US and EU ensure that you are getting a wide variety of high-quality products.
  • Better Margin – You can sell products at a higher price as Spocket’s suppliers are located in the United States and Europe.
  • Supply Price Tracking – Track supply prices for your products to ensure that you are always making a profit.
  • Competitor Price Tracking – Monitor competitor prices and get price alerts, so you can stay on top of shifting trends.
  • FBA Delivery – If you upgrade to a Business Plan, you can also opt for Spocket’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) delivery service.
  • Elite Account Plans-Upgrade to an Elite, Pro or Business plan to gain access to exclusive features.
  • Premium Support – Enjoy live support from Spocket’s customer success team 24/7/365

Spocket vs Modalyst: Modalyst Overview

Modalyst is a product sourcing platform that connects you with hand-picked manufacturers who are looking to build their brands through retail sales. Modalyst gives you access to carefully vetted, quality suppliers in the United States and European Union who want to partner with you.

modalyst vs spocket

Modalyst is a free product discovery platform used for finding, promoting, and selling quality products online. It works by connecting buyers directly to sellers, removing the middleman to help provide the best deals possible.

It provides access to thousands of hand-picked, unique products from some of the best, vetted suppliers in the world, including those based in the US and EU. It allows you to view wholesale prices, make direct purchases, and sell items without ever seeing or touching the products.

Some features and benefits of Modalyst are as follows:

  • Free to join – It’s 100% free for anyone to join, so you have nothing to lose.
  • Product Quality – Modalyst allows you to buy from top-tier suppliers who produce good quality products.
  • No Middleman – Buyers and sellers don’t deal with the manufacturer directly. Instead, they use Modalyst as an intermediary.
  • Exposed Pricing – Modalyst doesn’t add any additional costs because it acts as a middleman.
  • Focused on Quality Products – Modalyst only lists 100% vetted products for sale.
  • Technology – Modalyst is equipped with industry-leading technology that keeps you connected to the entire process.
  • Product Alerts – You’ll receive email notifications when prices drop, new products are listed, and when your favorite product is back in stock.
  • Private Label Brands – You can start your own private label brand and offer it to Modalyst users.
  • Virtual Inventory – Modalyst makes it easy to create a virtual inventory for each product. You can add them to your store right away.
  • Fulfillment Centers – Modalyst’s fulfillment centers offer drop shipping, warehousing and FBA services to support all of your needs.
  • Global Reach – Our platform supports sellers around the world, so you can reach customers globally.

Spocket vs Modalyst: Features

Getting Started

Spocket can be directly integrated with Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce and Magento. To get started with Spocket, simply create an account, connect your store, and you’ll be able to start adding products right away.

Spocket create account

Connecting Shopify with Spocket is very easy and requires no coding. Simply choose your Shopify store from Spocket’s integrations, select the category you want to add, and start adding products.

Shopify Connect store

You can also install Spocket app for Shopify and connect your store. Go to the Shopify app store and search for the Spocket, or go to Spocket ‑ Global Dropshipping on Shopify right away.


Click the button Add app to add Spocket’s app to your store. On the next page, click Install app to install the app on your shop.

Authorize Spocket Shopify

You’ll be sent to the Spocket drop shipping dashboard. You may search for the items you wish to sell in your Shopify store on this page.

To get started with Modalyst, simply create an account and start browsing or searching for items you want to sell.

Modalyst create account

To create an account, click the button Start for Free and fill in your name and email address to sign up. You must choose whether you are a retailer or a supplier; you will have to provide additional information such as company name, customers’ country and ecommerce platform used to develop your online store.

Modalyst connect Shopify

To connect your Shopify store from Modalyst, click the button Connect a Shopify Store. On the next page, you will find an option to Install the App from your Shopify store’s dashboard. Proceed with installation and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

You can also install Modalyst app for Shopify and connect your store. Go to the Shopify app store and search for Modalyst, or go to Integrations ‑ Shopify in Modalyst right away.

Shopify Modalyst ‑ Dropshipping app

Click the button Get Started to get started with installation. You’ll be able to install Modalyst’s Shopify integration on your store by simply following the instructions on screen.

Shopify install Modalyst

You will be sent to a page that allows you to install Modalyst’s app on your Shopify store. Click the button Install Now and proceed with installation.

Verdict – Getting Started

Both Spocket and Modalyst are easy to get started, but in comparison to Modalyst, Spocket has a more simplified and customer-focused registration procedure. Spocket emerges as the winner.

Product Sourcing

Spocket source its products from companies based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and a few businesses in New Zealand and Australia. This is what distinguishes Spocket from other drop-shipping platform because most of their suppliers are China-based.

Spocket uses these principles to elevate the quality of its products above that of its competitors, which is why they select their vendors after a thorough quality check by their staff.

You’re free from the burden of performing research for reliable suppliers since to find high-quality suppliers, and you can rest confident about your purchase. The following are Spocket’s standards for suppliers:

  • Up to date with legitimate documentation, tax and legal records.
  • Reputable business reputation.
  • Testing procedures for all products before they are shipped out.

Spocket’s Product Quality Control Process – Spocket has a meticulous product quality control process including both automated and manual testing to offer you high-quality products.

  • Spocket employees manually inspect all products before they are shipped out to ensure quality assurance.
  • All Spocket suppliers receive automated inspection reports to ensure all products meet the standard requirements of Spocket.
  • Additionally, Spocket suppliers must adhere to product change requests within 24 hours or less.

For your online store, Modalyst offers a dropshipping catalog with millions of trending products from worldwide companies. The catalog covers an extensive array of categories that are categorized by various niches.

Modalyst works with vendors from all across the world. However, the majority of suppliers on this platform are based in the United States.

It’s also worth noting that none of Modalyst’s suppliers are wholesalers. Modalyst deals with independent designers and companies, who create and distribute their products. Furthermore, after evaluating the quality of the goods, Modalyst only lists them.

Modalyst have recently tightened their requirements for suppliers to join its marketplace to ensure all suppliers listed can provide the best possible quality of products to its clients.

Verdict – Product Sourcing

Spocket and Modalyst both have stringent quality control. However, Spocket has a wider product range and better standards for suppliers. So, Spocket wins in product sourcing.

Importing Products

To find a product in the Spocket app, go to the menu on the left and search for it on the search bar above. You may also choose categories from the drop-down menu.

Spocket product search

You may restrict your search by using filters like Price, Location, Suppliers, etc., which appear at the top of your product results page.

When you’ve decided on the products to sell on your store, click the button Add to import list that appears when you hover over a product in Spocket’s dashboard.

Select products Spocket

The import list will be updated. After you’ve added the items to Spocket’s import list, it’s time to import them into your Shopify store.

To add Shopify products to your dropshipping store, go to the left menu and select Import List. The current selected items will appear in the Import List section of the left menu. Click on Push to Store for a particular product to import them into your shop.

Import List Spocket

You may also bulk import the items by clicking the Push Current Page button that appears above the product list.

Finding and importing products to your Shopify store is similar to Spocket in Modalyst.

To find a product on the Modalyst app, click on Find Products and choose from niches or categories. When you’ve selected your items, click on the button Add to import list.

Modalyst find products

By selecting a keyword that’s relevant to your search, you may narrow down the results by using criteria like Price, Shipping, Suppliers, and so on. These appear at the top of the product page.

When you’ve decided on the products to sell on your store, click the button Add to import list that appears when you hover over a product in Modalyst dashboard.

To add Shopify products to your dropshipping store, go to the left menu and select Import List. The current selected items will appear in the Import List section of the left menu. Click on Add to Sync List for a particular product to import them into your shop.

Modalyst import list

You may also bulk import the items by selecting multiple products and by clicking Add Selected to Sync List.

Verdict – Importing Products

Both Spocket and Modalyst have similar ease of use and product importability. So, it’s a tie for importing products.


It’s critical for your drop-shipping business to build good connections with its consumers if it wishes to thrive. Spocket and Modalyst ensure that no promotional materials, supplier invoices, or any other fliers from any vendors are sent to your clients.

Spocket branded invoicing

Both Spocket and Modalyst provide the similar invoice branding feature. You can include your company’s logo, name, email address, phone number, or even a redeemable discount for the next purchase. At the bottom of the invoice, you may also leave a customized thank you note.

Modalyst branded invoicing

While many of the invoice features are identical, there is a significant difference among them.

If you’re on the paid plan in Spocket, you can include your brand logo and a personal note. Even though you’re on a free plan, you may generate a personalized invoice on Modalyst.

Verdict – Branding

Only with a paid Spocket plan may you add your logo and a personalized message. Modalyst provides customized invoices even on the free plan. Here, Modalyst is a clear winner.

Product Deliveries

For your business, delayed deliveries to clients are disastrous, since many customers will cancel their purchase if it takes more than a week to arrive.

Both platforms offer excellent control over order fulfillment and delivery time. The international shipping service is fast-paced in both cases, with sellers largely from the United States and Europe.

Customers from these regions will almost certainly receive their items in 2 to 3 days, but international purchases are subject to vary. Spocket appears to have a slight edge over Modalyst here.

Spocket provides a broader outreach and can, on a domestic level, work with wholesalers to speed up order delivery. You may choose the estimated shipping period of the products you want to sell before importing them on the web store using Spocket.

Verdict – Product Deliveries

Both Spocket and Modalyst provides great order fulfillment and shipping experience to customers. However, Spocket have a slight edge over Modalyst in international shipping. So, Spocket again win with a slight margins.


A major benefit of using a dropshipping platform is the ease with which ecommerce platforms it can be integrated. As a result, you must look for a platform that works with your ecommerce system before selecting one.

Spocket integrates with the following ecommerce platforms:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Ecwid
  • AliScraper

Modalyst integrates with the following ecommerce platforms:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Wix
  • AliExpress

However, considering WooCommerce’s market share, the Modalyst platform is yet to get integration support. So, if you use WooCommerce to run your business, you won’t be able to use Modalyst.

Verdict – Integrations

You may use either Spocket or Modalyst for your Shopify shop. However, if you’re using anything else, things get a lot more limited. I’ll go with Spocket since it supports a wider range of e-commerce platforms.

Spocket vs Modalyst: Customer Support

Modalyst and Spocket provide 24-hour customer support through their in-app services. Spocket provides a wealth of how-tos, articles, case studies, suggestions & techniques as well as a blog on their website to assist customers.

Spocket help center

They also run an online learning center where they provide free and paid online courses for drop shipping businesses. Additionally, there is a link to the Spocket Community, which takes you directly to its Facebook page.

Modalyst help center

Modalyst has a knowledge center that explains how to create an account, charge rates, take customer orders, and ship items. Also, you may use the search box to find relevant answers by keying in a topic or question.

Spocket vs Modalyst: Pricing

Both Spocket and Modalyst provide free basic plans for ecommerce dropshippers. However, as one might expect, the free options aren’t of much help.

Spocket pricing

Spocket offers 4 different pricing plans as follows:

  • Basic- $0 per month – allows you to browse Spocket’s Catalog of products.
  • Starter – $24 per month – 25  unique products, email support
  • Pro – $49 per month – 250  unique products, 25  premium products, Branded invoicing, chat support
  • Empire – $99 per month – 10,000  unique products, 10,000 premium products, Branded invoicing, chat support

If you pay upfront yearly charges, you may get these plans for up to 8 months free.

Modalyst pricing

Modalyst offers 3 pricing plans as follows:

  • Hobby – $0 per month – 25 Product Limits, Non-Premium Suppliers Only
  • Startup – $35 per month – 250 Product Limits, Non-Premium Suppliers Only
  • Pro – $90 per month – Unlimited Products, All Access

You may save up to 25% on both Start and Pro plans if you choose Annual Pricing. Modalyst applies a 5% transaction fee across all paid plans.

Spocket vs Modalyst: Which One Should You Use?

Spocket and Modalyst are the most popular dropshipping platforms for new merchants. Spocket’s cheapest price is an excellent option for newcomers or startups who have just begun selling online.

If you don’t mind shipping and only want to sell well-known brands, Modalyst will be the ideal app for you. We suggest Spocket since transaction costs can be a significant obstacle when your company grows quickly.

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