Best Amazon Review Checker Tools to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon in 2021

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In today’s digital world, more and more customers are purchasing products online, and Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces in terms of daily transactions, product quantities, and number of sellers. In fact, 9 out of 10 customers checks the products on Amazon before purchasing.

Also, before making the purchasing decision most of the customers search for the product reviews on Amazon. Therefore, reviews are essential for generating great sales on Amazon. Because of this many Amazon FBA sellers uses fake reviews to improve ranking of their product and manipulate the purchasing decisions of customers.

There are various ways to spot the fake reviews and avoid buying a terrible product and waste your money. Fortunately, there are various best Amazon review checker tools are available that allows you to find the products you buy have an accurate 5-star rating and seller has not used fake reviews to improve the ranking of their products.

Customer reviews are important for not only getting more sales on Amazon but also to know the customer pain point, buying interest and what customers want from a particular product. It helps the sellers to improve their products and launch new similar products in the interest of customers.

A fake reviews is generally a positive review left by someone who has never purchased or used the product, in return for some favor. Fake reviews create a false image of the product and encourage customers to purchase substandard products.

Fake reviews are bad for both sellers and customers, customers lose their money on sub-standard products and seller lose customer trust and repeat orders. Thanks to the best Amazon review checkers tool and other review analysis methods, you can easily spot fake reviews bought by sellers to promote their bad products. Below are some ways you can use to spot fake reviews on Amazon.

  1. Compare reviews on other marketplaces
  2. Analyze the review content
  3. Use a review checker tool

Compare reviews on other marketplaces

If you are interested to buy any products on Amazon and find that the positive reviews for the product are too good to be true, might be a fake reviews bought by the sellers. The first step to check the fake reviews is to check the reviews of the same product on online marketplaces other than Amazon.

Look the reviews of the product on other marketplaces and match it with the reviews on Amazon. If the product has mostly negative reviews on other marketplaces then the seller might have purchased the fake positive reviews on Amazon. Sellers usually does this to negate the effect of negative reviews on Amazon and promote their bad products to get more sales.

Analyze the review content

You can also spot a fake review by carefully analyzing the review content. As a fake reviewer is not a real buyer they may accidentally leave many indicators that you can analyze to find a face review. Some indicators of fake reviews are as follows:

  • Too many 5-star reviews in a row with short descriptions
  • Comments with incorrect product information
  • No profile picture or other activity of the reviewer profile
  • Similar 5-star reviews for other products from the same seller
  • Multiple reviews are posted on the same day on Amazon
  • The review posted on the day of listing or shortly afterward
  • Reviews are positive but with no detail on features, ease of use etc.

Use a Review Checker Tool

The best way to find fake reviews on Amazon is by using the review checker tool. Thanks to Amazon review checker tool, you don’t need to manually analyze to figure out whether a review is genuine or not. It will spot the fake reviews for you, and based on that you can make your purchasing decision.

These reviews tools are not only good for buyers but also for the sellers as it can help them find genuine reviews and pain point of the customers to improve their products. The reviews tools are not 100% correct every time, but you can get a good understanding of who is genuinely happy with the products.

How Does a Review Checker Work?

There are several Amazon review checker tools available online to spot the fake reviews for a product on Amazon. All these review checker tools work of few fundamentals that are same for each tool. Some fundamentals on how Amazon review checkers work are as below:

  • It will let you know if the same person has left a bulk positive review with the same name.
  • It will also tell you if the individual leaves behind the same 5-star rating all the time.
  • Not only that, but it will also identify the number of bulk reviews that have been updated in a short span of time.
  • It will also help you find the bulk reviews that use similar wordings and texts about a product.
  • It will determine whether the bulk reviewer has a review history and a ranking.
  • The checker will look for other details, such as whether the reviews give enough details of the product.
  • The checker will also determine if the reviews make any sense at all.
  • The tool will also tell you whether the reviews have been written to intentionally defame the product.

These are just some fundamentals used by Amazon review checkers. These review checker tools works fast and will help you identify fake reviews quickly.

Best Amazon Review Checkers

There are lots of Amazon review checkers available in the market but not all tools are good as well as some tools are inferior and does not do any good as like fake reviews.

Some review checkers are completely free of cost whereas some comes at a price and offers you free trial also. Different Amazon review checkers works on different set parameters and some of them automatically work for the set parameters.

We have reviewed many review checkers tools and selected the best Amazon review checkers for you that you can use without spending any money.


Fakespot is one of the best Amazon review checker that you can use to analyze and sort product reviews on Amazon, eBay and other online shopping sites.

Best Amazon Review Checkers

It can be used to sort, analyze, and detect fake reviews of any product on Amazon. It will display a list of users who are leaving the fake reviews as well as you can also find the genuine and honest reviews for the product.

Using Fakespot is effortless, you just need to copy a product page URL to its analyzer bar and click analyze. It will automatically analyze the reviews for the product and will show you the report.

Fakespot demo

Fakespot also provides an extension for Chrome and Firefox add-on that allows you to spot fake reviews on your favorite ecommerce sites in real time. Fakespot also provides you an android and iPhone app that you can use to get Fakespot analysis by sharing products and businesses.


ReviewMeta analyze millions of reviews from Amazon and run twelve different tests to identify unnatural patterns of reviews in just seconds. After the analysis it displays the result of Pass/Warn/Fail to help buyers making purchasing decision.

ReviewMeta Homepage

To find the fake review, you simply need to copy and paste the product page URL in the site search and within few seconds it will display the result for that product. It uses various algorithms such as language used within reviews, frequency of reviews, how soon after listing reviews are received and the number of reviews which are unverified to identify unnatural patterns in just seconds.

They also display the top ten most trusted as well as top ten least trusted reviews for the product and display the adjusted product ratings based on their analysis.

adjustex 1

ReviewMeta also provides you browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari to displays a product’s  analysis results and adjusted rating directly in your browser as you shop. They also provide an android and iPhone app.

The Review Index

The Review Index is another review analysis tool that mainly aggregates product reviews for technical products from Amazon. It analyzes the product reviews and gives an accurate reading on whether the rating of the product has been boosted by fake reviews.

Review index homepage

To get started, you need to copy the Amazon product page URL and paste it in the Review Index search bar to verify the reviews for the product. This tool will parse individual words from the reviews and runs a spam checker on the page to decide if the reviews that are available on the page are genuine or fake. After that, it will display the report with pass, fail or warn grade based on the results.

The Review Index result

The Review Index also provides browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, but their only drawbacks is that there is no mobile support as they don’t have any android or iPhone app.

Final Thoughts

The ecommerce industry is growing with the speed of rocket and so does the competition, to get ahead in the race sellers uses fake reviews to improve ranking of their product to get more sales. Fake reviews are bad for both sellers and buyers. Using these best Amazon review checkers tools, both buyers and sellers can benefit.

Buyers can find the fake reviews for the products and can make informed purchasing decisions. On the other hand, sellers can find the genuine reviews about their products and improve their products to match the expected quality.

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