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Sell The Trend Review 2021 – Find Profitable Dropshipping Product

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Dropshipping is one of the easiest business model to start an online store without ever actually stocking the items yourselves. Also, the number of great ecommerce platforms has made it even easier to create a drop-shipping store. But still, they can’t help you with the hardest part of dropshipping business – finding quality products to sell that your buyers are interested in.

Finding the winning products that get sells are the key aspect for a profitable dropshipping business, that’s what most beginners drop shippers failed to do it properly. You need a product that’s popular and has not much competition and yet profitable to succeed in a dropship business. It requires a lot of market research and experience to do it.

Fortunately, there are lots of tools are now available to find you the winning product to sell online. Sell The Trend is a popular and relatively new product research tool that has recently lunched in the market. It helps you find the hot products to sell online driven by the data. You can also import the products directly to your Shopify or WooCommerce store and also lets you fulfill orders with one click from AliExpress.

So in this Sell The Trend review, we will find out what they do offer, how they compare with similar tools and if it is worth your money or not?

Sell The Trend Review: Overview

Sell The Trend is an advanced dropshipping product research tool that helps you find the winning products for your store. It collects the data from Amazon, AliExpress and others Shopify dropshipping stores and finds the current trending highly profitable products based on the data collected.

Sell The Trend Review

The tools also allow you to check various profitable dropshipping stores and lets you see theirs top-selling products, estimated monthly traffic, and revenue. You can also connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store to manage and fulfill your customer’s orders using Sell The Trend.

It also provides you some extra features such as top-selling products, estimated monthly traffic, and revenue. Sell The Trend also includes lots of useful onboarding, documentation, and training videos to help you learn how to use the platform and create a successful dropshipping store.

Sell The Trend Review: Features

Sell the Trend helps you find high-quality profitable products based on the data what’s selling on other leading dropship stores. So, instead of guessing the perfect product to sell, you can use the data to find your winning product. It also provides tons of search options and filter options to find the product in your niche.

Let’s review all the features of Sell The Trend and find out if its worth the money or not.

The Nexus Explorer

One of the most powerful features of Sell the Trend is the NEXUS explorer, it allows you to see what are the trending products across popular ecommerce stores using the dropshipping AI algorithm.

The Nexus Explorer

The Nexus is the primary product research resource that shows the current trending products and other information about each product such as cost price, selling price, profit margin etc. The Nexus product research offers five different ways to find a great product.

  • Hot Products
  • Trending Products
  • On The Rise
  • New Products
  • All Products

Hot Products

Hot products are the products that are being sold on many dropship stores and have a high number of sales volume.

Hot Products

These are the products that are being sold on the most number of popular dropship stores, if you are deciding to sell any of these products, you must check the competition and saturation of the product before making any final decision.

There are various filters available to sort and filter the data, that you can use to narrow down your product research.

Sell The Trend Review

You can use the Search box to search the products by entering any keyword. The first filter you can see is Category filter, you can use it to filter the products in any dropshipping categories.

search the products

You can further filter the products according to your niche by using niche filters

filter the products

You can use Filter Products to narrow down the products using various categories such as by Product type, by price, by Orders and other available filters. For example, You can narrow down the product list by products with over 500 orders and selling price under $30.

Filter Products

Apart from this, you can sort the product list by various parameters by Nexus rank, the number of selling stores, or the number of orders, by found date, by last added date to see the most popular and trending products.

sort products

Sell The trend provide great product sorting and filtering options that we can use to find the winning dropshipping product with ease.

After you have filtered and sorted products, you can click on any particular product to see its details like orders trend, number of AliExpress orders, product cost, recommended selling price, profit margin, selling stores, and top customer countries.

product research tool

You can click on Visit Store to visit the product page of the Shopify dropship store selling the product. You can also click on Source from AliExpress to see the same product on the AliExpress website.

product research tool

You can click on Find on Amazon to see the similar products on Amazon website to have you a general idea of the product demand, price and reviews etc.

product research

The store trend, which shows the timeline and trend of product when stores have added it, is also shown on product details page and can be access by selecting Store Trends from the dropdown Real Trends Chart.

product research

Also, on the product details page, the Facebook Targeting section display the audience that is the most likely to resonate with the product. It includes several tabs such as Interest, Magazines, TV And Movies, Demographic, and Life Events.

product research

This will help you in setting up your Facebook ads, and you can see whom to target based on the data provided above. All these was the main features of the Hot Products section. Most of the other sections we will review will have similar features.

Trending Products

Trending products contains high potential dropshipping products that are getting more sales in recent trends. These are the products that are getting noticed by the customers and generating more sales recently. So, you should definitely look for the products in this section to find a great product to sell online.

facebook audience builder

Similar to the Hot Products section, you can filter and sort the products based on various parameters and click on the product to check the details such as cost price, selling price, view in AliExpress, view similar products on Amazon, order trends and store trends etc.

On The Rise

On the rise products section contains the products that are growing quickly but haven’t yet been so popular. Basically, this section contains the products that have high-growth rate but relatively low sales volume.

facebook audience builder

These are high potential products, but their sales volume can be unstable due to certain factors such as season, occasion or events. For example, any products related to Christmas festival are on the rise and their sales volume increases in the month on December every year. Therefore, you should carefully evaluate these products before adding it to your store.

New Products

New products section contains the products that are discovered and added by stores in the last 30 days.

facebook audience builder

Since these products are newly added in the system, there will not much data available about these products. So, you might have to test these products yourself if its a good fit for adding it to your store.

All Products

All Products section contains all the products discovered by the Nexus to find and evaluate by you.

Sell The Trend Review

In this section, you can view all the available products and can compare different products to find the best suitable products for your store.

Apart from the different types of products the Nexus explorer also lets you check the popular Shopify store and view their stats like monthly traffic, tech spend, tracking used etc. The Nexus product research offers two different ways to find a great Shopify store.

  • Hot Stores
  • Trending Stores

Hot Stores

This section displays the Shopify stores that are doing well and you can check the products they are selling.

sell the trend offers

As with the product list section, there are some options available to sort and filter the store list, that you can use to narrow down your store list.

Sell The Trend Review

You can use the Search box to search the Shopify store by entering any search term. The first filter you can see is Category filter, you can use it to filter the store in any dropshipping categories.

sell the trend offers

You can use Filter Stores to narrow down the Shopify stores using various categories such as by Store type and tracking code. For example, You can narrow down the product list by store type of Dropshipping Stores and having Facebook as tracking code.

shopify store

You can also sort the stores list by various parameters such as Nexus store rank, by updated date and by monthly tech spend, i.e. the amount of money spend of the Shopify apps.

shopify store

After you have sorted and filtered the stores, you can spy on stores in your similar niche to know the popular products they are selling and the strategies you need to use to grow your store.

Trending Stores

The trending store section contains the list of Shopify stores that are trending in the system and are selling some popular products

shopify store

Similar to the Hot Stores, you can sort and filter the Trending stores using various parameters and narrow down the list of your stores.


Nexus is an AI-powered tool that discovers hot/trending products from multiple marketplaces. Sell The Trend also offer you to check the hot/trending products from few particular marketplaces such as AliExpress, Amazon, or other Shopify stores. These are called Explorers and it is divided in following four sections.

  • AliExpress Explorer
  • Amazon Explorer
  • Shopify Products
  • Shopify Stores Explorer

AliExpress Explorer

AliExpress explorer contains all the hot/trending products of the AliExpress and you can check the information such as daily growth trends or overall growth trends.

sell the trend pricing

Each product rows contains some information about the product such as daily sales volume, daily sales amount, number of orders, price, order trends chart etc. You can sort and filter the products based on various parameters similar to the Nexus section. Beside the filters we discussed in Nexus section we have some additional filters available namely New Stars, Hot Products, and Hidden Gems.

sell the trend pricing

New stars are the products on AliExpress those have just been discovered by the system and are showing great signs of turning into popular products.

audience builder

Hot Products are the products that have the high number of sales volume recently.

audience builder

Hidden gems are the great potential products that doesn’t have good sales volume recently but have the ability to become winning products in near future.

product research tools

Amazon Explorer

The Amazon explorer section display the products from Amazon similar to AliExpress.

product research tools

This section is similar to the previous section of AliExpress explorer, except here you can check hot and trending products from Amazon. Checking the hot products of Amazon and finding similar products on AliExpress is a great method to start a profitable dropshipping journey.

Shopify Products

Sell The Trend displays thousands of products from various popular Shopify stores.

product research tools

You can check the products other stores are selling their prices and find the similar products on AliExpress for dropshipping on your store.

Shopify Stores

Sell The Trend displays the various Shopify stores that they are tracking and rank them on various parameters like monthly traffic, tech spend etc in this section.

Sell The Trend Review

Each stores rows display their popular products based on rankings based on daily orders. You can check these products and their prices on AliExpress to find if these are winning products for your store.

Store Connection and Management

Sell The Trend not only helps you find the perfect product for your store, but you can also connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store and easily manage various dropshipping tasks such as adding products, managing orders, and fulfilling them all in one place.

Sell The Trend Review

You can connect your store by navigating to My Stores > Connect Store on the left side menu. Adding a product to your store is effortless thanks to 1-click Push To Store feature. The Push To Store button saves the product in your connected store and also the title, description, tags, images, and selling price are automatically populated.

Sell The Trend Review

Sell The Trend will automatically notify you by email when someone places an order on your store, you can also fulfill the order through your connected AliExpress account.

Sell The Trend Review

Sell The Trend Tools

Sell The trend also provides you some tolls that are useful in your dropshipping journey. These can be found by navigation to the Tools menu on the left. The platform provides following tools.

  • Store Intelligence
  • Facebook Audience Builder
  • Video Creator
  • Engagement Rating Calculator

Store Intelligence

Store Intelligence allows you to check the top-selling items, estimated monthly traffic, monthly orders, and monthly revenue by entering its URL.

Sell The Trend Review

Audience Builder

The audience builder tool helps you to create a Facebook ad for the dropshipping product or niche by displaying you the interests of the people you should target for.

Just enter the keyword in the search field and the tool will show you the information about the people you should target your Facebook ad.

Sell The Trend Review

Video Creator

Sell The Trend also provides a video creator tool using which you can create videos for your product by importing the images from any product URL or by uploading the images from your computer within a few seconds.

Sell The Trend Review

Just upload or import the images, set text options, select the non-copyrighted music tracks, click on the Create Video button, and your video is ready in a few seconds. There are many non-copyrighted music tracks to choose from and it also allows you to add your brand name and message at the end of the video.

Although the video creator tool has very basic features but its good enough to create a quick and attractive video for your product.

Engagement Calculator

Sell The Trend also offers a tool to calculate the influencers rating for the Instagram and Twitter. By entering the number of followers, likes and post comments you can check the rating of any influencers on Twitter and Instagram.

Sell The Trend Review

Tutorials And Free Training

Sell The Trend also offers some great tutorials and free trainings for the beginners to succeed in dropshipping business.


The tutorials section provides useful video tutorials and resources to learn quickly all the features that Sell The Trend offers.

Sell The Trend Review

Success Academy

This section provides the complete dropshipping business tutorial for beginners. If you are new to dropshipping business, you can learn everything about dropshipping using the success academy video tutorials. Its really helpful for novice dropshippers.

Sell The Trend Review

Apart from this, Sell The Trend also offers paid Facebook ads course for dropshipping,  1-On-1 Coaching, and Custom Stores. They also offer a free Chrome extension to import products & fulfill orders from AliExpress.

Sell The Trend Review: Pricing

Sell The Trend offers a very straightforward pricing model. The price of the platform is $39.97 / month when paid monthly and $32.97 / month when paid annually.

Sell The Trend Review

Sell The Trend Review: Customer Support

As already mentioned, Sell the Trend provides extensive relevant articles and guides for all its features, you can view it on their tutorial section. You can also contact them through the contact form or by clicking on the messenger icon in the bottom-left corner to chat with them directly.

Sell The Trend Review: Alternatives

Sell The Trend is a fantastic tool to find winning products for your dropshipping store, but there are some other tools also that are as good as Sell The Trend. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • EcomhuntEcomhunt is one of the most popular product research tools in the market. It provides the best collection of new dropshipping items and are updated every day. Just like Sell The Trend, each product comes with many details such as description, recommended selling price, saturation degree, Facebook ads, and Instagram influencers.
  • Niche Scraper – It is another great product research tool which offers both auto-scraped and hand-picked dropshipping products. Niche Scraper also allows you to have a look at various Shopify stores and their best products. It also displays information related to a product such as the number of orders, the graph trend, AliScore growth rate, competition, and top countries.
  • Sale Source – This tool helps you to research unsaturated products, find top dropshipping suppliers, and discover competitor’s ads. A unique feature it offers is that it allows you to find apps a Shopify store uses, their best products, recently added products, and estimated sales. They also offer a Chrome extension to quickly analyze various products from AliExpress.

Sell The Trend Review : Conclusion

We have reviewed all the features of Sell The Trend and also mentioned some of its alternative, it is one of the most powerful tools available for dropshipping product research tool. If you are starting a dropshipping store, definitely you should consider this tool for your dropshipping journey.

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