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Zendrop Review 2021 – Best Dropshipping App For Shopify

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Dropshipping is one of the most popular ecommerce methods today and more new online merchants are using this business model to start their ecommerce journey. The best part of dropshipping business is that it is easy to start and needs very little upfront as you don’t need to invest in products inventory.

Ecommerce platform like Shopify make it easier to start a dropshipping business and also there are many tools available like Oberlo, AliExpress etc. to connect to suppliers and source dropshipping products. But the problem with these apps are that they source products from Chinese suppliers and its takes long shipping times to reach the products to customers.

This can lead to poor customer satisfaction and order cancellation also. Fortunately, there is a solution for it this problem is to use the service called Zendrop. Zendrop is a product sourcing and fulfillment app for Shopify, and it uses US fulfillment centers to fulfill products faster than AliExpress.

In this Zendrop review, we will be looking at all the features it offers, its pricing, its pros and cons, compare it with similar tools and if it is worth your money or not?

Zendrop Review: Overview

Zendrop formerly known as Silkroad is a product sourcing and fulfillment app for Shopify stores and most of its suppliers are from the US. This helps them in fulfilling the products faster than AliExpress. They also have lost of amazing features that makes dropshipping a lot faster and easier.

Zendrop Review

Launched in April 2019 by Jared Goetz, Zendrop offers many extra branding features apart from product sourcing and fulfillment such as private labeling, custom packaging, and thank-you cards. These features are necessary for long-term success in dropshipping and helps you create your brand.

Zendrop allows you to easily import products to your Shopify store by connecting it though Zendrop app. Whenever an order places on your store, you can either manually fulfill the order or Zendrop can do it automatically for you. It also gives you the ability to send custom thank you

Zendrop Review: Features

Zendrop comes with lots of features to make your dropshipping journey easier. Lets have a look at some of them:

  • Automatically Import Products – Zendrop allows you to select the products on their platform and import it directly to your Shopify store with no more waiting or manual importing of each product is required.
  • Private Labeling– Zendrop allows you the option to private labelling the products you want to sell which helps in creating your brand over a period of time. Of course, you need to have a high volume of orders to use this feature.
  • Custom Packaging – Zendrop allows you to create custom packaging for all products you sell by including your brand name and logo. This again helps you to create your brand awareness among your customers.
  • Fast Order Processing – Zendrop process all its order in a day or two and ships them to your customers.
  • Fast Shipping – Zendrop deliver the products to your customers within a weeks time, which is the fastest shipping time in the dropshipping industry. Shipping speed one of the most crucial factor to determine the success in dropshipping business and Zendrop scores well in this.
  • Auto Fulfillment – Zendrop allows you to automatically fulfills all your orders as soon as the customer places it on your Shopify store.
  • Bulk Order Fulfillment – Zendrop offers bulk order fulfillment, using this feature you can fulfill all your orders at once at the click of a button. This means you don’t need to fulfill each order separately and go through checkout process again and again.
  • Thank You Letters = Zendrop’s Pro plan also allows you to send customized branded thank you letter your customer after purchase. It further helps you in creating brand awareness to your customers.

Zendrop Review: How It Works

Zendrop is a product sourcing and fulfillment platform that works with Shopify. It helps you in sourcing products from suppliers all over the world but primarily from the US. To start using Zendrop you need to create an account on create a free account on their website. You need to integrate Zendrop in your Shopify store by adding the app to your Shopify store.

Zendrop enables you to find products to import in your Shopify store and even filter them by niche, suppliers and price range. To import a product to your store, you simply need to select the product and add it to the import list. After the import list is ready, you can personalize it and push the products to your Shopify store.

Zendrop also allows you to fulfill your store’s order from within its dashboard with a click of a button. You just need to select the orders, press the button fulfill all order and Zendrop will take care of everything. You can also create customized packaging and thank you letter if you are pro member of Zendrop.

Zendrop Review: Connecting to Shopify Store

To connect Zendrop to your existing Shopify store, log in to the dashboard and click on the link Connect a store to Zendrop displaying on the top of the page.

Zendrop dashboard

It will display a modal window asking you to enter your existing Shopify store URL. Enter your store URL in the text box and click on the button Connect, to connect Zendrop to your Shopify store.

Connect a store

Do remember to remove the https:// from the Shopify URL while entering it. Next it will show you your Shopify store login page, login to your store and authorize the app to install and access your store data to complete the connection. After your store is connected, you will be navigated back to Zendrop dashboard.

Zendrop Review: Find Products to Sell

To search products in Zendrop, login to the dashboard and click on the menu Find Products and search for the term on the search bar.

Zendrop find products

You can also enter the search term in the Search Products text box and also select the categories from the drop-down. You can narrow down the search by filters like Price Range and Ships From by using filters at the top of your product search results. For example, you can select Ships From US to select the products from US based suppliers.

Searh product filter

On the top of the product list there are some buttons provided to help you find the products faster. These buttons are as follows:

  • Ships From US – Clicking this button will show you all the products that are shipped from the US.
  • Shop Trends – This will show all the trending products from seasonal trends’ category doing well on other stores.
  • Shop Tech – This will display all new products from consumer electronics category.
  • Shop Masks – This will display all products from the supplier AmericaCovers.

Zendrop Review: Importing Products to Shopify Store

After you have decided the products to sell on your store, you can select those products in Zendrop dashboard by clicking the button Add to import list appear when hover on the product.

Add to Import List

This will add the product to the Zendrop import list. After you have added the products to Zendrop import list, it’s time to import these products in your Shopify dropship store.

To import products in Shopify’s dropship store, navigate to Import List from the menu, and you will be presented with the current selected products.

Import list

You can check the product information, description, variant and images and if you want you can also make any changes before importing the products to your Shopify store. When you are satisfied you can click the button Import to Store to import the product to your store.

After you have imported the products to your store they will be published on your Shopify store and will be moved to my products on Zendrop. You can check these products later on by navigating to My Products from the top menu.

Zendrop Review: Fulfill an Order

Once you have imported the products to your store, you are now ready to make sales. Once you make a sale on your store, the order details will be automatically fetched to the Zendrop platform. Now you are ready to fulfill the order, so that Zendrop fulfillment team can ship the product to your customer.

To fulfill an order on Zendrop, navigate to Orders page by clicking the top menu. This will display all the orders that you have on your store

Zendrop Orders Page

To fulfill any order, simply click on the Fulfill Order button for that particular product. A popup will appear with the details of the order, you can recheck the order details and click the button Fulfill Order to fulfill the order.

Zendrop Order details

The order will go on processing and the credit card on file will be charged. If you don’t have any credit card information entered, you will be asked to enter your credit card information.

As soon as the supplier will have tracking information for the product, that will be uploaded into the orders page and sent to your Shopify store via API. Also, the customer will receive an order confirmation information from your store providing them the tracking information.

Zendrop Review: Auto-Fulfillment Orders

Zendrop offers auto-fulfillment features for all its pro plan members, that means you never have to worry about the fulfillment of an order and will be automatically fulfilled as soon as an order is received on your store.

To activate this features, simply navigate to Orders page by clicking the top menu. This will display all the orders that you have on your store.

Zendrop Orders Page

Toggle the switch named Auto-Fulfill to activate the auto-fulfillment feature, and you will never have to worry about manually fulfilling a product ever again.

Zendrop Review: Set Up a Tracking Page

Once you have fulfilled the order and tracking information is sent to your customer. You may be interested in setting up a tracking page on your Shopify store, so the customer can track their orders. This can be done in Shopify by adding an order tracking app called AfterShip.

AfterShip dashboard

Once you have added AfterShip app on your Shopify store, all orders that you receive on Zendrop will automatically be added to AfterShip as shipments. As soon as Zendrop issue a tracking number for an order, that will also be available in AfterShip Shipments page.

AfterShip tracking page

The tracking page can be customized in store to fit your brand, and Shopify theme. The customers need to enter the tracking number, and click the Track button get the status of their order.

AfterShip Shipping status

Zendrop Review: Enable And Send Thank You Cards

Zendrop allows you to send a thank-you card to your customers along with the shipment, it is really helpful in creating your brand. To create a thank-you card, navigate to Settings by clicking the gear icon button on the top-right of the page and select the Branding option from the dropdown menu.

There you will have the options to upload your logo, enter title, thank-you text, company address and support email address. Enter the required information as shown below

Zendrop branding option

Click the Save button after you have entered all the information. You can also download the sample card to check how it looks by clicking the button Download a Sample.

If you are subscribed to Zendrop pro plan, you can enable custom branding and send customized thank you cards to your customers upon purchase of any product on your store.

To enable custom branding, navigate to Settings by clicking the gear icon button on the top-right of the page and select the Branding option from the dropdown menu. Click on the custom tab.

Zendrop custom card

Create a custom design for your card using Canva or Adobe PhotoShop and upload it here. Next, toggle the Branding button to on and switch on the custom thank-you card.

Zendrop Review: Zendrop Academy

If you are subscribed to Zendrop’s Pro plan, you can access to their premium dropshipping training program called Zendrop Academy. It is a blueprint to running a successful dropshipping business and is loaded with information that are only available in a premium dropshipping course.

If you are new to dropshipping business, you can learn everything about dropshipping using the Zendrop Academy video tutorials. It’s really helpful for novice dropshippers. Some topics included in tie tutorial are as follows:

  • How to properly set up a Facebook page.
  • How to understand Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Facebook algorithm information.
  • How to set up a one product store.
  • Scaling strategies.
  • Testing methods.
  • So much more!

To access Zendrop Academy, click the Settings button in the upper right-hand corner of your Zendrop dashboard, and select Zendrop Academy from the menu list.

Zendrop Review: Pricing

Pricing is an important factor for choosing any dropshipping platform especially for novice dropshippers. Zendrop offers a very straightforward pricing model. They offer two pricing plans – Free and Pro. The free plan has a limitation of 50 Orders per Month, which is great for starting out. Whereas, Pro plan comes at $49 /month when paid monthly and $33 /month when paid annually.

Zendrop Pricing Plans

The pro plan comes with unlimited orders per month and other amazing features such as Auto Fulfillment, Thank You Cards, Express Shipping, Zendrop Academy, Product Bundles, Subscription Boxes.

Zendrop Review: Customer Support

Zendrop provides extensive relevant articles and guides for all its features, you can view it on their support page. Zendrop provides basic support via email on  support@zendrop.com. You can also submit a support request on their platform as well as contact them on their social media accounts.

Zendrop Alternatives

Zendrop is an outstanding dropshipping product research tool available in the market to help dropshippers to find the most profitable products to list on their Shopify store. There are some other tools available in the market to help dropshippers to sell online. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • SpocketSpocket is a dropshipping app for eCommerce platforms and integrates with both Shopify and Woo-Commerce stores. Within a few clicks, you can start your dropshipping business selling products from suppliers located in both the US and the EU. Spocket has tens of thousands of products, including print-on-demand products to choose from different categories, different suppliers and different locations. Spocket offers 4 different pricing plans that starts from free basic plan to $99 per month for their Empire plan.
  • OberloOberlo is Shopify’s own, drop shipping supplier network, which lets you find products, add them to your Shopify store, and ship them directly to your customers. It allows you to easily import products from AliExpress with just a click button and also fulfill the orders and have it shipped to your customers. It works exclusively for Shopify and you can’t use it any other platform such as WordPress or WooCommerce. Oberlo also offers similar three tiers of pricing plans that starts from free Explorer plans to $29.90 per month for their Boss plan.
  • Dropified – Dropified is a dropshipping platform that connects merchants with suppliers globally and helps you to quickly launch a new eCommerce store, source products, and fulfill the orders automatically. It allows you to import products from AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, SammyDress, Overstock, Wish.com, and more suppliers with a single click. It can integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, GrooveKart etc. Dropified doesn’t offer any free plan and its plan costs from $47 to $147 per month. However, it offers a 14-day-trial-period to try their services before purchasing any plan.

Zendrop Review : Conclusion

Zendrop is one of the most popular dropshipping product research tool and most cost-effective as compared to their alternatives. It comes with lots of great features which are extremely user-friendly. It also comes with lots of useful resources for early sellers, such as Zendrop Academy and tutorials on their support page. So, I highly recommend subscribing to Zendrop as soon as you begin your dropshipping business Journey.

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