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ShopInspect Review [year] – Find Best Trending Products for Shopify

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Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to make money for internet marketers and influencers, but the key to get success in dropshipping is finding viral or trending products to sell. There are always new and trending products that customers wants to purchase, and we need to find those products and market them to the right customers to earn money fast using dropshipping.

Finding viral or trending hot products manually is quite difficult and requires a lot of market research and experience to do it. The other way to do it is to use a product research tool to help you find winning products. The software can help you save hours of time and money to test products manually and will provide you accurate data to help you make an informed decision. Fortunately, there are many tools now available to find you the viral or trending hot products to sell on your dropshipping store.

ShopInspect is a product analysis tool that help you find hot Items to sell on your dropshipping store quickly. In this ShopInspect review, we will be looking at all the features it offers, its pricing, its pros and cons, compare it with similar tools and if it is worth your money or not?

ShopInspect Review: Overview

ShopInspect is a cloud-based dropshipping product research and analysis tool to find hot and trendy products to sell on your dropshipping store. It allows you to find profitable Shopify products by using artificial intelligence, machine learning and a team of ecommerce experts to find viral, trending products before they go viral!

ShopInspect review

You can use any keywords for shop or products to search ShopInspect database, and it will provide you a detailed report for that search term. The report is provided with data such as interest over time, the pattern of how many people are searching over time for that keyword, other terms used by people related to your query, and items you can sell on your website.

ShopInspect scans through over 60 million products of all Shopify dropshipping stores across the world and help you to analyze which products to sell on your online store and which one to skip. They collect daily sales data from AliExpress and match them with other Shopify stores who are selling them to find the trending products.

They also allow you to check the estimated sales for a product on a particular store, you can use this data to decide if you should sell similar products. You can also use ShopInspect database to search by product or search by store to find other products that successful Shopify stores are selling. It also allows you to spy on what ads have worked on Facebook and Instagram for other dropshipping stores and how many likes or shares an ad achieves, and who it targeted.

ShopInspect Review: Features

ShopInspect helps you find top trending products before they go viral. Their software scans tens of millions of products from around the web and bring you the top trending viral products every few hours. It also provides tons of search options and filter options to find the perfect product in your niche to sell on your dropshipping store.

Let’s review all the features of ShopInspect and find out if it’s worth the money or not.

Hot Trending Products

It is one of the most powerful features of ShopInspect, that allows you to see what are the trending products across popular ecommerce stores using the dropshipping AI algorithm.

ShopInspect hot selling products

It is the primary research tool of ShopInspect to find latest trending products from that are selling on high-growth volumes in this month over last month from successful Shopify stores. There are various filters available to sort and filter the data, that you can use to narrow down your product research.

ShopInspect advanced filter

You can enter the search term in the Include This Word box and also select the Facebook Interest from the drop-down. You can narrow down the search by filters like Gender and Age Group by using filters at the top of your product search results. You can further narrow down the search results by Min Cost Price (USD), Max Cost Price (USD), Min Selling Price (USD), and Max Selling Price (USD).

You can click on any product to get more details about the product such as Factory Price, Shipping Cost, Total Cost, Recommended Selling Price, Product Profit, Suggest Interest for Ad Targeting etc. It also displays a beautiful graph for the customer demographics for the product as shown below.

ShopInspect Customer demographics

You can add any viral product to favorites by clicking the link Add to my favorites and check the product to on AliExpress website by clicking the link See on AliExpress to get additional information.

Shopify Product Search

Shopify product search is a unique feature of ShopInspect tool which allows you to search for any products selling on Shopify stores and check whether it’s currently in trend or not. All you need to do is click on the Shopify Products link on the left-hand side menu, enter the search term in the search bar and click on the button Search.

ShopInspect product search

The search result provides you several metrics such as Smart Score, Product Seasonality Indicator and Word Cloud. The Smart Score is a feature of ShopInspect that allows you to decide how much are your chances to sell this product on your Shopify dropshipping store. Smart Score is a numerical value from 0-100, where 100 means these are the best products to sell on your store.

Smart Score is a relationship between the number of times the keyword is searched for and the number of sellers selling these products. You need a product with high-demand and low number of seller to succeed in dropshipping business. This value gives you a clear vision if a product is a winning product to sell on your store or not.

Product Seasonality Indicator is a line graph for the trend of the products over last two years of period. This allows you to check the Product Seasonality Indicator is a line graph for the trend of the products over last two years of period. This allows you to check the popularity of the search term over a period of time and help you decide if this is the right time to sell this product or not.

The word cloud is a list of other keywords people use to search for similar products. You can use these keywords to optimize your product listing by inserting these keywords. You can find the relevancy of a keyword by checking the smart score .for those keywords.

Each product comes with few details such as product name, Estimated Page Monthly Visitors, Product Price, Estimated Product Monthly Revenue and social links of the social media platforms for the store selling this product. Clicking on the product name will navigate you to the product detail page of the Shopify store selling this product, where you can check additional details about the product.

Shopify Shop Search

Similar to Shopify product search, ShopInspect also allows you to search for viral Shopify stores fast using any search term. After the search term is entered, it will list the Shopify stores that are selling same or similar products.

Shopify store search

This search will also provide you several metrics such as Smart Score, Product Seasonality Indicator and Word Cloud as mentioned in last section. Below that, it will list the top stores selling same or similar products as searched. These are the best Shopify stores with lots of monthly traffic and revenue.

Each product list provides information such as Shop name, Site Wide Monthly Visitors and Average Monthly Revenue. You can click on the shop name to visit the store and check what they are doing well and apply the same technique on your store. You can also check their best-selling products by clicking the button Show Bestsellers.

Top Shopify Stores

ShopInspect also provides a list of best-selling Shopify dropshipping stores, these are the stores with the highest number of sales.

Top Shopify Stores

Each list displays the Site Wide Monthly Visitors, Average Monthly Revenue and Social Links. You can visit their social media accounts to see how they are promoting their products and apply same to your store to get more sales. You can also check their best-selling products by clicking the button Show Bestsellers.

Trending Shopify Stores

Just like top Shopify stores, ShopInspect provides a list of top trending Shopify dropshipping stores, these are the fastest growing Shopify stores that are trending right now.

Trending Shopify Stores

Each list displays the Shop link, current Monthly Visits, Monthly Visits 6 months ago and Social Links. You can visit the store and their social media accounts to check their business model and implement the same for your online store.


AdInspect is a powerful tool of ShopInspect that allows you to find social media ads of successful Shopify store by brands, keywords or competitor website. To search for the ads, you can type the keyword, and it will list all ads related to the search term. You can use this tool to spy on the Facebook ads and Instagram ads of your competitors.

With each ad you get additional information such the number of likes, comments, shares, region, and average age. It also allows you to narrow down the search result using several filters such as Site Type, Media Type, Gender, Countries, Ages, Daily Likes etc.

ShopInspect adinspect filters

ShopInspect Review: Pricing

ShopInspect provides a free trial for 7 days, with a limit to three searches per day. They also provides two paid plans called – Standard and Legendary.

ShopInspect pricing plans

The standard plan comes with all features except AdInspect and allows you 10 searches per day. It will cost you $39 /month when paid monthly and $16 /month when paid annually. With the Legendary plan, you get the access to all features, and it allows you 250 searches per day. It will cost you $47 /month when paid monthly and $19 /month when paid annually.

ShopInspect Review: Customer Support

ShopInspect provides great customer support and allows you to contact them via email, live chat and through social media platforms. They also have ShopInspect Learning Videos that teaches you to use ShopInspect effectively and has a great YouTube channel that you can follow to gain knowledge about dropshipping business.

ShopInspect Review : Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use ShopInspect?

ShopInspect provides you with unique product ideas that you can sell on your website. It provides you with detailed insights about the product like how many sales existing dropshipping stores are doing, how much they are spending to advertise, what ads have worked for them, and the ad copy used by them. Also, if there is any new ad for a product, ShopInspect will update it, so you won’t miss out on any of the opportunities.

How much does ShopInspect cost?

ShopInspect is a paid subscription service, it costs $39 per month. Once you sign up for the trial period, your credit card will be charged automatically every 30 days for the recurring subscription fee until you cancel your subscription. You can always cancel before renewal or upgrade to the premium service if you want to.

How is the Standard Plan different from the Legendary Plan?

The standard package includes all of ShopInspect’s services, except AdInspect. Another distinction is that you get fewer searches each day.
The Legendary Program has a 4.4-star rating and is the most popular drop shipper plan on Shopify, with good reason. For a lower price, you get access to more tools that offer greater precision than other product research tools.

Does ShopInspect offer any training for the software?

Every week, the Facebook group of ShopInspect  has live trainings. You may get all of your queries and concerns addressed there. They also host live demonstrations to teach their clients the most up-to-date and efficient dropshipping methods and strategies in the world, as well as a lot more!

How to find trending products in ShopInspect?

With ShopInspect it’s a breeze to discover the latest products. There are a variety of tools such as Hot Trending Products, Shopify Product Search, Shopify Shop Search, Top Shopify Stores and Shopify Stores that are Trending and AdInspect which help you discover new products that are hot in just a few moments.

What is AdInspect, and what does it do?

AdInspect is an effective tool of ShopInspect that lets you discover advertisements on social media of a successful Shopify store based on specific brands, keywords, or Websites of competitors. This tool can design high-converting ads for your advertising campaigns.

ShopInspect Review: Alternatives

ShopInspect is a fantastic tool to find latest trending products for your dropshipping store, but there are some other tools also that are as good. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • EcomhuntEcomhunt is one of the most popular product research tools in the market. It provides the best collection of new dropshipping items and are updated every day. Just like Sell The Trend, each product comes with many details such as description, recommended selling price, saturation degree, Facebook ads, and Instagram influencers.
  • Sell The TrendSell The Trend is a popular and relatively new product research tool that has recently lunched in the market. It helps you find the hot products to sell online, driven by the data. You can also import the products directly to your Shopify or WooCommerce store and also lets you fulfill orders with one click from AliExpress. Sell The Trend offers a very straightforward pricing model. The price of the platform is $39.97 / month when paid monthly and $32.97 / month when paid annually.
  • Niche Scraper = Niche Scraper is a cloud-based product research tool that helps you in finding the winning products to sell on your dropshipping store. It is a research-based tool that you can use to spy on other Shopify store and AliExpress to find the current trending highly profitable products. Niche Scraper offers two pricing plans – Free and Pro plat at $49.95 / Month.
  • Sale Source – This tool helps you to research unsaturated products, find top dropshipping suppliers, and discover competitor’s ads. A unique feature it offers is that it allows you to find apps a Shopify store uses, their best products, recently added products, and estimated sales. They also offer a Chrome extension to quickly analyze various products from AliExpress.

ShopInspect Review: Conclusion

To be successful in a dropshipping business, you must invest in a good product research tool. ShopInspect is a great product research tool with many unique features to latest trending products, which is crucial for a dropshipping business.

It has a great set of tools including the trending product, product search tool, store search, Smart score, AdInspect, etc. and these features are not offered by its alternatives. Of course, ShopInspect can be costly for the novice dropshippers as it’s not the cheapest tool in the market, but it provides a great set of features not available anywhere else.

You can give it a try by utilizing the benefits of its free trial and then proceed to paid plans. I hope you will find this review useful and will help you to decide whether ShopInspect help you fulfill your need or not.

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